There’s a lot more to bats than their spooky reputation

Bats are the only mammals that power their own flight and the University of Florida has hundreds of thousands of them living in the world’s largest occupied bat houses. In this episode, From Florida host Nicci Brown talks with Verity Mathis, mammal collections manager at the Florida Museum of Natural History about the history of bats at UF,

At this hackathon, students take on the challenge of a sustainable future

More than 700 teams of students from across the country are participating in the Florida Hacks with IBM event. Their challenge? Find solutions to some of the most difficult environmental issues, from protecting waterways to developing sustainable fisheries. 

This microbe-crocheting engineer makes the invisible adorable

On biomedical engineer Ana Maria Porras’ Instagram, microbes that are typically invisible — and often unloved — are reimagined as cuddly, cute and crocheted.

Why do some galaxies die? These scientists are a step closer to understanding why

Why do some galaxies just fizzle while others of similar age and magnitude continue birthing stars? That’s a puzzle a University of Florida researcher is working with a multi-university team to try to solve.