UF experts available to provide comment, insight on 2024 solar eclipse

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Karen Dooley

General explanation  
Paul Sell, Ph.D., assistant instructional professor of astronomy, and Triana Almeyda, Ph.D., director of the UF Teaching Observatory, can provide answers to common questions about the eclipse, what makes next week’s event unique, and how people can safely experience the eclipse. 
psell@ufl.edu; Trianaa@ufl.edu 

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Studying the sun 
Alicia Petersen, an assistant professor in the department of mechanical and aerospace engineering, is an expert on space weather and solar physics. She can comment on how the eclipse offers a unique opportunity to study the sun at its most dynamic as well as its impact on the public’s interest in the sun and science in general. 

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Examining bugs’ behavior 
UF/IFAS entomology professor Marc Branham can speak about how insects react during a total eclipse. 

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The spiritual connections to an eclipse 
Bron Taylor, a professor of religion, is an environmental scholar and expert on religion and nature. He can provide insight into the growing movement toward nature-based spirituality, and how the widespread fascination with the eclipse is an example.  
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UF News March 20, 2024