NIH awards $2.8 million to UF researchers to develop at-home HIV test kit 

A close up of a woman's hands mixing a sample in a small test tube

Researchers are developing a new, easy-to-use HIV-detection test kit using advanced CRISPR technology (Adobe Stock)

A new, easy-to-use HIV-detection test kit being developed at the University of Florida using advanced CRISPR technology shows promise as an early-warning alarm system that could save millions of lives.  

While at-home test kits have become increasingly common for various health screenings, innovations in HIV testing have been limited. Current HIV tests are effective only several weeks after infection, which could lead to unintentional transmission.  

Piyush Jain, Ph.D., an assistant professor at UF’s Department of Chemical Engineering, and his team are working toward finalizing their HIV infection-detection method. With results in minutes, the test will help patients receive treatment sooner and potentially lower the amount of virus in their bodies to undetectable levels.  

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Ada Lang June 25, 2024