Science Articles

Helping the "lawn mowers of the reefs" find good places to grow

UF scientists identify ideal surfaces to help long-spined sea urchins get the nourishment they need to grow from larvae into juveniles

UF distinguished professor leads National Academies panel on future of space research

The report guides science that will allow for longer space missions.

Ubiquitous human DNA opens Pandora’s box of ethical questions

Someone walks down to the local river, scoops up a cup of water, and ends up with a good chunk of your DNA. How much say would you like in how that DNA is used?

Environmental human DNA offers new opportunities for public good

The era of human environmental DNA, or eDNA, has arrived.

Preparing Florida’s youth for ever evolving 21st century

A UF-designed AI education program piloted last year in three Florida public schools was so successful that it will expand to 12 school districts beginning this month. 

UF researcher studies Florida’s microclimates

With scientists calling July the hottest month in earth's history and warning of warmer temperatures to come, one UF researcher is working to make cities feel less scorching.

Breakthrough Polymer Research Promises to Revolutionize Recycling

Researchers discovered an innovative approach to working with polymers that has led them to develop a new method for recycling that promises to lower the energy requirement without sacrificing the quality of the plastic

Aphids make tropical milkweed less inviting to monarch butterflies, study shows

When oleander aphids infested tropical milkweed, monarch butterflies laid fewer eggs on the plant, and the caterpillars developing on those plants were slower to mature.

Top five shark facts from a UF shark expert

While it may seem there are more shark sightings - and shark attacks - than usual, a University of Florida shark expert says that's a misleading perception.

Unlocking secrets of the elusive ghost shark

Researchers from the University of Florida and the Seattle Aquarium are exploring 100 meters underwater in the Pacific Northwest to learn more about mysterious ghost sharks, one of the strangest beasts from the depths of the ocean.

Study reveals evidence of diverse organic material on Mars

Scientists, including UF astrobiologist Amy Williams, gain vital insights in Mars' history and potential for supporting life 

UF researchers reveal hidden hum of cosmic symphony

Fifteen years of collaborative work among scientists from the US and Canada leads to evidence of the existence of low-frequency gravitational waves permeating our universe.

Long spaceflights, frequent travel take a toll on astronauts’ brains, study shows

The findings of a new study that looked at how the human brain changes during spaceflight could provide valuable guidance for future space exploration planning 

The laws of physics used to be different, which may explain why you exist.

A mind-bending experiment shows that the laws of physics were different during the Big Bang.

One-third of galaxy’s most common planets could be in habitable zone

Hundreds of millions of planets could have the right orbit to sport liquid water and possible life.