Science Articles

Perseverance rover detects more organic carbon on Mars in search for signs of ancient life

These kinds of organic molecules could have given rise to life on the red planet.

FAWN expands weather stations to some Florida state parks

As UF/IFAS Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN) adds stations across the state, the director answers questions about this network of weather stations in place to provide crucial data to agricultural producers.

Laser attack blinds autonomous vehicles, deleting pedestrians and confusing cars

In a first, a vulnerability in lidar sensors allows lasers to delete obstacles like moving pedestrians.

UF start-up helps fight mosquitoes following Hurricane Ian

More than 100,000 Inzecto Mosquito Traps have been donated to Florida communities to help fight the surge of mosquitoes swarming to standing floodwaters left by Hurricane Ian's rain and storm surges.

Explorers, scientist repeat historic expedition to study human impact on Florida Everglades

UF Professor Tracie Baker joins a team of explorers in a dangerous trek across the Florida Everglades to to study human impact on the world's largest subtropical wilderness 

Could your body be storing the key to saving seagrass?

Seagrass success is threatened by a few factors, including human activities like boating, a crystallized version of human waste could be the answer to revitalizing these marine habitats.

The Florida Museum of Natural History expands into a new special collections building

The new building advances the museum's mission to understand the natural world.

UF helps state launch AI curriculum in Florida public schools

Tapping into the expertise of the University of Florida and its AI initiative, the Florida Department of Education recently added a three-year program of study called AI Foundations to its Career and Technical Education Program

Powerful simulation solves vital physics problem

A faithful simulation of hot air rising along a wall demonstrates the power of UF's HiPerGator supercomputer to model important real-world scenarios.

Researchers discover ancient origins of donkeys

Sometimes overlooked, the donkey has its own unique and significant history, and researchers have uncovered their journey toward domestication. 

Ant queens control insulin to live longer

By partly blocking insulin, ant queens extend their lifespan while reproducing.

Internationally acclaimed scientist named to lead new Invasion Science Research Institute

The new institute will bring together more than 120 UF/IFAS scientists currently working to detect, track and control nonnative and invasive wildlife and plant species.