Science Articles

New technique may help scientists stave off coral reef collapse

In first, early coral skeleton formation step is reproduced in squishy sea anemone

Scientists revolutionize wireless communication with three-dimensional processors

University of Florida engineering researchers have pioneered a method for using semiconductor technology to manufacture processors that significantly enhance the efficiency of transmitting vast amounts of data across the globe

Can artificial intelligence outsmart invasive species?

A team of scientists at UF/IFAS are collaborating on a project in which researchers are testing traps equipped with artificial intelligence software on a growing population established in Ft. Pierce, Florida. 

Astrobiologist Amy Williams shows young women in STEM that the sky is the limit

Amy Williams, an astrobiologist and assistant geology professor at the University of Florida, conducts groundbreaking Mars research.

Young Earth-like planet with lava oceans spotted near the Big Dipper

Astronomers have discovered an extreme Earth-like planet that likely hosts lava oceans as it roasts next to its sun-like star near the Big Dipper constellation.

Panama Canal expansion rewrites history of world’s most ecologically diverse bats

Researchers have discovered the oldest new world leaf-nosed bat fossils, which call into question the origin of this hyperdiverse group.

Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering to play key role in groundbreaking Laser Interferometer Space Antenna mission

UF is the only academic institution in the United States to be awarded a contract to develop hardware that will fly on the LISA mission.

Christine Schmidt elected to National Academy of Engineering

With more than 25 years of work advancing the fields of neural tissue engineering and wound healing, UF Distinguished Professor Christine Schmidt, Ph.D., has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering

Can we create the molecules of life? 

University of Florida researchers harness the full power of the HiPerGator supercomputer to show that molecules can be formed naturally in the right environment.

University of Florida researchers unlock new frontiers in brain tumor treatments

As a physician-scientist and cancer researcher at the University of Florida, Duane Mitchell, M.D., Ph.D., is providing hope for patients in an area where there is often little: treatment for malignant brain tumors.

Regulation makes crypto markets more efficient

Voluntary regulation by exchanges helps investors

Sea otters’ homecoming to a California estuary shows payoff in conservation efforts

A new study from a team of scientists that includes UF's Christine Angelini reveals that the simple action of conservation can lead to a resounding impact for coastal communities

AI-powered app can detect poison ivy

University of Florida scientists at the Gulf Coast Research and Education Center published a new study in which they show how they used artificial intelligence to confirm that an app can identify poison ivy. 

SpaceX launches UF/IFAS microbiology experiment to ISS

The experiment will study dangerous infectious microbes in microgravity

Paranoid CEOs hide from government, react strongly to competitors

When their suspicions are confirmed, paranoid CEOs start lobbying more