Science Articles

UF, partners launch Space-Edge Accelerator to promote space business development

The innovative program will help companies and individuals build connections with UF researchers to expand their space research and development portfolios

The hidden motive behind U.S. voters' stance on noncitizen voting

A new study from the University of Florida exposes a driving force fueling the debate on voting rights

UF partners with the National Security Agency to enhance STEM education

The education partnership agreement will support workforce development initiatives and efforts to cultivate undergraduate students with backgrounds and interest in AI and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

NASA selects UF mission to better track the Earth’s water and ice

The mission, titled 'GRATTIS' (Gravitational Reference Advanced Technology Test in Space), was the sole proposal selected in a national competition.

Underwater data centers are the future. But a speaker system could cripple them.

Acoustic attacks pose a risk to underwater servers, but researchers have identified ways to guard against attacks.

Stony coral tissue loss disease is shifting the ecological balance of Caribbean reefs

A new study shows stony coral tissue loss disease is causing drastic changes in the Caribbean's population of corals, which is sure to disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem and threaten marine biodiversity and coastal economies.

Triple Gator graduate Matthew Diller pursues his calling in biomedical informatics

Finding that perfect career pathway isn’t always easy, especially when you’re an uber-inquisitive student with a hyperactive mind like Matthew Diller.

UF polymers can be catalyst for new era in manufacturing

Oboro Labs, a UF startup, is commercializing a patented catalyst enabling the mass production of cyclic polymers discovered at a UF inorganic chemistry lab

Safeguarding the environment for future generations

This Earth Day, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences reflects on research paving the way for positive change

University of Florida scientist to fly on Blue Origin suborbital mission

University of Florida Distinguished Professor Rob Ferl will be the first NASA-funded academic researcher to conduct an experiment as part of a commercial space crew on an upcoming mission of Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket.

Researchers create new AI pipeline for identifying molecular interactions

UF-led developments using AI in chemical biology could unlock new types of disease treatments

New 3D-printing method makes printing objects more affordable and eco-friendly

A team of scientists led by UF engineering researchers has unveiled a method for 3D printing that will help advance the world of additive manufacturing 

Humans shape the journey of mud, study reveals

Mud-trapped carbon tells us about past and current climate shifts

Engineering students solve soldiers’ problem at lightning speed

UF mechanical engineering students 'strike gold' with their design of a device to help soldiers on the battlefield camouflage vehicles easier and faster 

Studying abroad, University of Florida veterinary students conduct critical field research in Africa

UF veterinary students Danae Witte and Nicole Perry studied abroad over the summer, conducting field research in Africa on Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever