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Scouting for Burmese pythons in the Everglades

The University of Florida has partnered with several federal and state agencies on a large-scale python-removal project to protect the Everglades.

Can ChatGPT be your answer for love advice this Valentine's Day?

We asked AI power tool ChatGPT for advice to help navigate the potential perils of Valentine's Day 

New ‘invisible finger’ technology poses potential phone-hacking threats, researchers say

A team of researchers from the University of Florida unveiled new technology that allows someone to hack into a nearby touchscreen-enabled device using what they call an “invisible finger.”

‘Ghostly’ particles lead to major physics discovery

Scientists from MINERvA, a collaborative experiment designed to study some of the most vexing puzzles in physics, revealed a groundbreaking new way to view protons.

Nuclear Sleuths: UF to lead $25 million national consortium on nuclear forensics

The team of scientists and engineers will help develop the next generation of nuclear forensics specialists

Mistaken fossil rewrites history of Indian subcontinent for second time

A fossil turned out to be just a beehive, and the correction puts the geologic and life history of India back into contention

Small, convenient mosquito repellent device passes test to protect military personnel

A device developed at the University of Florida for the U.S. military provides protection from mosquitos for an extended period and requires no heat, electricity or skin contact.

Ag engineer to use AI to assess crop damage after tropical storms, hurricanes

University of Florida scientists usher in future for growers by developing model using artificial intelligence technology to count damaged or dead crops following extreme weather events, such as Hurricane Ian.

UF archaeologists will study hurricane damage to key Florida indigenous sites

Indigenous Calusa heritage in South Florida was damaged by Hurricane Ian. Scientists will study the damage to preserve the sites.

Field Tested
Field Tested November 30, 2022

A groundbreaking field camp by a UF geologist opens Earth sciences to students with disabilities.

Study: Managers exhibit bias based on race, gender, disability and sexual orientation

Newly published study work shows that managers are likely to express bias, particularly in implicit forms.