Health Articles

UF Health launches CDC-backed Hypertension Pharmacists' Program in Jacksonville

UF Health will lead the CDC initiative aimed at reducing health disparities in some Jacksonville communities by connecting patients with community pharmacists for help managing high blood pressure

Study explores association between fluoride exposure in pregnancy and neurobehavioral issues in young children

Higher fluoride levels in pregnant women are linked to increased odds of their children exhibiting neurobehavioral problems at age 3

UF study uses machine learning to predict opioid use disorder treatment interruptions

The tool could help doctors keep patients on track with their treatment.

Medicine, business collaboration spurs solution for battlefield blood supply and distribution

UF MBA student and Air Force surgeon Lt. Col. Andrew Hall partnered with Warrington professor Mike Carrillo to improve battlefield blood supply lines.

Mini Medical School connects Florida science and health teachers with College of Medicine experts

Science and health educators from more than 20 counties across the state recently gathered at the University of Florida to meet College of Medicine experts and experience lab demonstrations, participate in hand-on activities and learn about the latest research advances, gaining knowledge and skills to bring back to their students and classrooms.

UF-developed mRNA vaccine triggers fierce immune response to fight malignant brain tumor

In a first-ever human clinical trial of four adult patients, an mRNA cancer vaccine developed at the University of Florida quickly reprogrammed the immune system to attack glioblastoma, the most aggressive and lethal brain tumor.

Medi-Gators program provides students with shadowing opportunities for health careers

Medi-Gators is a shadowing program that aims to provide mentorship to its members. While navigating the career options available in health care can be challenging, the program offers exposure and experiences that shed light on some of these paths.

Florida’s mosquitoes can make you sick: Here’s how to protect yourself

As Florida enters peak mosquito season, experts from the University of Florida’s Emerging Pathogens Institute outline key mosquito species and diseases to know; changes in the state’s disease risk and transmission trends; and the most effective ways to protect yourself.

Opinion: Medicaid should cover donor breast milk for vulnerable infants

Expanded coverage could save lives and save taxpayer money

Brain stimulation treatment may improve depression, anxiety in older adults

A noninvasive brain stimulation treatment improved depression and anxiety symptoms among older adults

UF team plays major role in success of newly approved Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug

Imaging expertise at UF contributes to successful clinical trial

The Conversation: A century after the EEG was discovered, it remains a crucial tool for understanding the brain

A neurologist specializing in epilepsy discusses how the EEG has transformed neuroscience

UF-led study could lead to new way to detect brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s risk

New research suggests a link between abnormal blood levels of amyloid and subtle changes in the brain.

Nationally renowned health system leader appointed to head UF Health clinical enterprise

Stephen J. Motew, M.D., M.H.A., FACS, has been named president and CEO of the UF Health clinical enterprise, effective April 1.

UF Health project seeks to help mothers in need

AI-based project will identify needs for pregnant women