Health Articles

Researchers evaluate how to improve dignity for seriously ill patients

Dignity Therapy was developed to help adults with cancer maintain or foster a sense of dignity in the final stage of their lives through completing important psychological tasks such as sharing life lessons and preparing a legacy document for loved ones.

UF Scripps Biomedical Research names new chief financial officer

As the new chief financial officer for UF Scripps, James Lapple will provide strategic direction, guidance and oversight for the institute’s important mission of advancing scientific discovery and education for the betterment of human health.

Addressing the links between intestinal pathogens, livestock, and children’s gut health

Environmental enteric dysfunction, also called EED, is characterized by a chronic inflammation of the gut. It is a silent health problem in middle to low-income countries—and pathogens affecting the intestines are thought to play a role in its development.

New on-spot pharmacy testing program could save you a doctor’s visit

The University of Florida College of Pharmacy and the American Pharmacists Association, or APhA, announced a new partnership today that will allow pharmacists to test patients for several non-emergency health issues.

Using AI in the arts to promote COVID-19 vaccines

The Covid Reflections installation is one of seven projects funded by the Arts for UF Vaccine Confidence Program, an initiative sponsored by UF’s College of Arts’ Center for Arts in Medicine.

UF researchers help develop highly accurate 30-second coronavirus test

Researchers at the University of Florida have helped developed a COVID-19 testing device that can detect coronavirus infection in as little as 30 seconds as sensitively and accurately as a PCR, or polymerase chain reaction test, the gold standard of testing. They are working with scientists at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. 

Innovative programs are positioning UF to meet demand for nurses and provide health care in rural areas

There is a nationwide shortage of nurses and it has been exacerbated by the pandemic. Interest in nursing as a career remains strong, however. UF’s College of Nursing has a long history of developing programs aimed at meeting the need for health care services, as Dean Anna McDaniel and Clinical Director Denise Schentrup explain.