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The most successful WrestleMania of all time? Florida sports professors saw it coming

Over the weekend, WrestleMania 39 became the highest-grossing and most successful event in the history of WWE, with more than 500 million views in two days.

Despite bank failures and increased interest rates Floridian sentiment moves higher

Consumer sentiment in Florida increased for a third month in a row in March to 69.7, up 2 points from a revised figure of 67.7 in February. On the contrary, national consumer sentiment plummeted 5 points. 

Car crashes spike after professional sports events. The data can help cities become safer.

Data from Cleveland shows car crashes increase near sports venues, hotspots for traffic calming.

Celebrate Pi Day with this kid-friendly activity

A box of toothpicks is all you need to celebrate pi.

The four factors that fuel disinformation among Facebook ads

Before and after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Russia’s Internet Research Agency purchased tens of thousands of Facebook ads in an effort to stoke division among Americans.

Improved economic outlook propels consumer sentiment higher

Consumer sentiment among Floridians increased in February 1.9 points to 67.2 from January’s revised figure of 65.3. Similarly, national consumer sentiment increased 2.1 points. 

The best way to close gender pay gaps is to find the source of unfair pay

Businesses can close gender pay gaps, reward high performance and improve their compensation strategy by identifying the true source of pay inequity and fairly allocating raises to the most underpaid women, according to new research.

The global supply chain consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war

This week marks the one-year anniversary since the Russia-Ukraine war began, when Russia invaded Ukraine after supporting the separation of Ukrainian territory. The impact has been global.

The Conversation: What a second-century Roman citizen, Lucian, can teach us about cultural exchange

How ancient civilizations grappled with multicultural societies can provide lessons for our modern world.

Training participation key to retaining older workers, research finds

Employers can avoid worker shortages and hold on to knowledge reservoirs by engaging retirement-age workers with opportunities to learn and develop their skills.