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UF reinstates vehicle-restricted zones

The University of Florida reinstated a vehicle-restricted zone designed to improve pedestrian safety on campus on Jan. 9.

Average annual consumer confidence at record low, December consumer confidence remains depressed amidst The Fed’s war on inflation

Consumer sentiment among Floridians fell slightly four-tenths of a point to 64 from November’s revised figure of 64.4. On the contrary, national sentiment rose nearly 3 points.

Booking holiday travel? Here’s five top expert tips

Finally taking that holiday trip you’ve waited all year to enjoy? As the tourism industry continues its comeback, there are a few things you should consider.

Florida’s November consumer sentiment defies national figures, rises despite inflation

Consumer sentiment among Floridians increased in November to 64.7, up 1.8 points from a revised figure of 62.9 in October. However, national sentiment decreased over three points.

The future of work November 28, 2022
Score a discount on Amazon? You might’ve unwittingly paid more.

Online sellers claim to offer a discount while actually raising the price. Shoppers think they have found a bargain. 

World Cup could usher in lasting business opportunities for Qatar

A UF professor examines how hosting the World Cup can create a legacy for business development in Qatar and the entire Persian Gulf region. 

First-generation UF alumnae reshape the future of education in Haiti

Two UF alumnae were recently awarded the 2022 UNESCO-Hamdan Prize for Teacher Development for their work on helping a generation of teachers in Haiti transform their teaching methods into effective, student-centered strategies that cultivate critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity inside the classroom.

UF supports the ethical use of artificial intelligence

UF is part of a new global agreement with seven other worldwide universities that are committed to the development of human-centered approaches to artificial intelligence that will impact people everywhere.  

Inflation and Hurricane Ian weaken October consumer sentiment

After four consecutive months of modest increments, consumer sentiment among Floridians dropped 3.4 points in October to 61.1 from a revised figure of 64.5 in September. 

Gators assist with Hurricane Ian recovery

UF students, faculty, staff and community are coming together to help those impacted by Hurricane Ian.  

Consumer sentiment remains at Great Recession levels in September

Consumer sentiment among Floridians inched up one-tenth of a point in September to 64.2 from a revised figure of 64.1 in August. Similarly, national sentiment went up by less than a point.

Students: Here's how to prepare for hurricane season

Whether you are new to campus or returning this fall, it is important to be prepared for the season, as safety at the University of Florida is a shared responsibility.