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Floridians have economic pessimism to start 2022, consumer sentiment drops in January

Consumer sentiment among Floridians dropped 2.3 points in January to 70.0 from December’s revised figure of 72.3 and is down 12.6 points from a year ago. Similarly, consumer sentiment at the national level decreased in January.

UF Alumna Erin Jackson on track to compete at 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing

It is game on for Erin Jackson, a Gator alumna and long track speed skater, thanks to a true display of Olympic spirit.

Alachua County courthouse renamed after trailblazing judge, University of Florida alumnus Stephan Mickle

More than 100 people gathered on Friday at the Alachua County Courthouse to celebrate the life and legacy of U.S. District Judge Stephan P. Mickle and to witness the renaming of the building in his honor. 

Why we love Wordle, according to science

Several psychological concepts help explain our infatuation with this simple but sharable word game.

5 lessons on teamwork as inspired by The Beatles

While The Beatles are globally regarded as one of the most successful and influential bands of all time, five business lessons can be learned from observing their creative and innovative process unfold during rehearsals — lessons that can be applied to all work settings, regardless of the discipline.

UF study finds ‘doomscrolling’ is a unique behavior

A new University of Florida study has found that doomscrolling — a term used to describe the concept of binging on negative news — is a new and unique behavior, and not just another trendy, clickbaity phrase. 

­­­­Are you talking to a chatbot? Would you like to?

As AI customer service grows, here’s what businesses should consider about earning our trust.

Apps show promise to help heavy drinkers age 21-25 cut back

A smartphone breathalyzer and blood-alcohol estimator reduced drinking — even though participants weren’t trying to drink less.

Using baby talk with infants isn’t just cute: It could help them learn to make words

A new study suggests that when parents baby talk to their infants, they might be helping them learn to produce speech.