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Accounting is facing a labor crisis. Could fraud be part of the solution?

Fraud plays a surprising role in the accounting labor force, according to new research from the University of Florida.


Stay ahead of the carve
Stay ahead of the carve October 4, 2023

If it's Halloween season, it's time for a pumpkin: tips on purchasing, carving or eating 

Floridian consumer sentiment retreats as perceptions of personal economic conditions decline

Consumer sentiment in Florida dropped 1.2 points in September to 66.3, down from a revised figure of 67.5 in August. Similarly, national sentiment declined 1.4 points. 

How valuable are online product recommendations to consumers?

New research from the University of Florida proposes a novel method of measuring the value consumers derive from online recommendation systems.

Niger coup explained
Niger coup explained September 20, 2023

Leonardo Villalon, a political scientist and West African expert at the University of Florida, explains the Niger coup and breaks down its global impact in this one-minute video.

Investors less likely to sell losing stocks when entire portfolio is at a loss

New University of Florida research highlights that one of the most well-known stock-level investor behaviors, the disposition effect, is strongly moderated by portfolio-level outcomes.

Florida-grown foods are perfect addition to your tailgate party this football season

UF experts say don't forget Florida-grown foods in your tailgating spreads

Floridian consumer sentiment creeps higher as inflation continues to decline

Consumer sentiment among Floridians inched up eight-tenths of a point in August to 67.6 from a revised figure of 66.8 in July. Meanwhile, national sentiment dropped 2.1 points. 

Incentivized online reviews inflate product ratings, sales, even when disclosed

Consumers are still duped by paid reviews even if reviewers disclose their payment.

Floridian sentiment drops, in contrast with national consumer outlook

Consumer sentiment among Floridians dropped 2.1 points in July to 66.8, down from a revised figure of 68.9 in June. The decline contrasts with national consumer sentiment, which surged over seven points.

UF experts discuss 'Barbenheimer'

UF College of Liberal Arts and Sciences' Sean P Adams and Jillian Hernandez discuss the cultural context of 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer,' through their work, legacy, and of course... the perfect viewing order.