Floridians expect slow economic recovery for the country, lowering September consumer sentiment

Consumer sentiment among Floridians dropped for a second consecutive month in September to 76.1, dropping 2.4 points from a revised figure of 78.5 in August and reaching its lowest level in almost 8 years.

Why do we rebel against bedtime?

Researcher Yijun Lin explains what causes us to sabotage our sleep through the phenomenon known as bedtime procrastination — and how to stop it. 

Local tech startup continues breakthrough success in global display industry

The core technology behind the latest generation of top-of-the-line smartphones from Apple and Samsung feature vibrant, high-contrast displays. Technology invented at UF is being used to reduce manufacturing costs for these screens and bring these incredible displays to a wider market.

What can vulnerable communities learn from Hurricane Ida?

Disaster-studies expert Jason von Meding describes how mutual aid networks could serve as a national model.

August consumer sentiment drops around the country amid worries about U.S. economy

GAINESVILLE, Fla. --- Consumer sentiment among Floridians fell 4.7 points in August to 78.7 from a revised figure of 83.4 in July. Notably, national consumer sentiment dipped by 10.9 points.

6 tips to tap into the stress-busting power of music

An arts-in-medicine expert's tips on how to use music to relieve stress. 

Economic recovery continues in July

Consumer sentiment in Florida increased for the second consecutive month and reached its highest level in 2021. Notably, the U.S. economy exceeded its pre-pandemic peak in the second quarter of 2021.

June consumer sentiment bounces back indicating continued recovery

After falling in May, consumer sentiment among Floridians rose 1.5 points in June to 82.7 from a revised figure of 81.2 in May.

12 amazing facts about seashells

Headed to the beach? These astonishing facts from UF professor Cynthia Barnett's new book on seashells will have you seeing shells in a whole new way.

On-screen stereotypes of female journalists feed a “vicious cycle” of sexism

Fictional female journalists in TV and movies have a bad habit: sleeping with their sources. The stereotype can have real-life consequences.

Actors. Athletes. Scientists?

A UF professor partners with the video message platform Cameo to demystify science and the people who do it.