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UF partners with Safe Schools For Alex to unveil enhanced school safety dashboard

The most comprehensive school safety dashboard in the country is now available, thanks to a collaboration between the University of Florida and Safe Schools For Alex.

Remote work cuts car travel and emissions, but hurts public transit ridership

Public transit agencies may need to adapt to the rise of remote work

Companies ignoring climate risks get punished by markets, new study reveals

Companies that proactively manage climate risks boost their valuations, while those with a passive stance are discounted in the equity market

Florida consumer sentiment tumbles despite positive national outlook

Following five consecutive monthly increases, consumer sentiment among Floridians dipped 2.1 points in March to 72, down from a revised figure of 74.1 in February.

Author James Patterson launches transformational Literacy Classrooms

Hundreds of James Patterson Literacy Classrooms will be launched across Florida and the nation in Fall 2024. These classrooms will provide teachers with the UF Literacy Institute’s Foundations curriculum and accompanying support from both the institute and the Lastinger Center for Learning.

Exploration – not work – explains cities’ economic fortunes

Bagel shops, hockey rinks and fancy restaurants account for most differences between neighborhood economies

New study finds a significant relationship between partisan politics and consumer sentiments

A new study from UF’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research has found that national elections have a greater impact on consumer sentiment and spending intentions than previously thought, especially during transitions of power between political parties.

How reflecting on gratitude received from family can make you a better leader

Leaders who take the time to reflect on receiving gratitude from family members can enhance their leadership effectiveness in the office.

Florida is growing. Can affordable housing keep up?

Florida’s housing markets have returned to their mid-2000s strength, with the statewide median single family home price reaching $400,000 in the first half of 2023. 

How parents can set children up for reading success

A UF Health expert shares how to identify and address reading difficulties in children

The Conversation: What the SEC's US climate disclosure rules mean for companies

And why the requirements are much weaker than planned

UF law students provide legal assistance for veterans

The staff at the Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic at UF is committed to helping students make an impact.

Should you use AI to write work emails?

Research finds that AI-generated business emails are effective

Floridian sentiment continues upward tick for fifth month

Consumer sentiment among Floridians increased for a fifth month in a row in February to 74.1, up 1.5 points from a revised figure of 72.6 in January, reinforcing the optimistic outlook set at the beginning of the year.

Older adults rely more on trust in decision making. It could open them up to scams.

Relying on initial impressions of trustworthiness, elderly adults overlook bad behavior, according to new study