Even when they include them, gifted programs aren’t serving Black and low-income kids

After years of criticism for their lack of diversity, programs for high achievers may not be adequately serving their Black and low-income students, a new study shows.

Florida Legislature honors George Starke Jr.

The Florida Legislature has recognized George Starke Jr., the first African-American student at University of Florida, for the important role he played in the desegregation of higher education institutions in Florida.

This quick morning reflection could make you a better leader

Starting your day by thinking about what kind of leader you want to be can make you more effective at work, a new study finds.

Vaccinations and stimulus checks lift consumer sentiment in March

After tumbling in February, consumer sentiment among Floridians increased in March 3.7 points from February’s revised figure of 77.2. Similarly, national consumer sentiment surged 8.1 points. 

How overhauling patient records can curb physician burnout

As the pandemic stretches health care workers ever thinner, an IT practitioner and a physician wellness expert team up on ways to reduce the burden of recordkeeping.

Why we’re so bad at daydreaming, and how to fix it

The ability to think for pleasure is important, and you can get better at it.

February Consumer confidence plummets to early days of COVID-19 era

Consumer confidence among Floridians plummeted 5.4 points in February to 77.2 from a revised figure of 82.6 in January. Similarly, consumer sentiment at the national level experienced a decline of 2.2 points.