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UF Lastinger Center for Learning partners with Kibeam Learning™ to improve literacy across the state

A new UF partnership is providing families in Florida with materials to boost literacy in a research pilot for children in first and second grade. 

Five key findings from Miami-Dade County’s affordable housing analysis

Renters and frontline workers are the hardest hit by Miami-Dade County’s shortage of affordable housing options, according to a new analysis of Census and employment data from the University of Florida’s Shimberg Center for Housing Studies (on behalf of Miami Homes for All).

Floridian sentiment increases as perceptions of economic conditions improve

Consumer sentiment among Floridians increased in November to 68.3, up 1.9 points from a revised figure of 66.4 in October. On the contrary, national sentiment decreased over two points.

 Cedar Key’s living shorelines bolster resilient community

As the 2023 hurricane season comes to a close, the "living shoreline" efforts from the UF/IFAS Nature Coast Biological Station in Cedar Key should be considered one of the year’s success stories. 

The bilingual brain may be better at ignoring irrelevant information

People who speak two languages may be better at shifting their attention from one thing to another compared to those who speak one, according to a study published this month.

New funding will foster opportunities to showcase UF's premier arts program

Two projects led by the College of the Arts received awards totaling just over $1 million in the latest round of strategic funding projects from the University of Florida President’s Office.  

Floridian perceptions mixed as economic growth outpaces expectations

Consumer sentiment in Florida inched down for a second consecutive month in October to 66.2, dropping one-tenth of a point from a revised figure of 66.3 in September. Meanwhile, national consumer sentiment saw a larger drop of 4.1 points.

Accounting is facing a labor crisis. Could fraud be part of the solution?

Fraud plays a surprising role in the accounting labor force, according to new research from the University of Florida.


Stay ahead of the carve
Stay ahead of the carve October 4, 2023

If it's Halloween season, it's time for a pumpkin: tips on purchasing, carving or eating 

Floridian consumer sentiment retreats as perceptions of personal economic conditions decline

Consumer sentiment in Florida dropped 1.2 points in September to 66.3, down from a revised figure of 67.5 in August. Similarly, national sentiment declined 1.4 points. 

How valuable are online product recommendations to consumers?

New research from the University of Florida proposes a novel method of measuring the value consumers derive from online recommendation systems.

Niger coup explained
Niger coup explained September 20, 2023

Leonardo Villalon, a political scientist and West African expert at the University of Florida, explains the Niger coup and breaks down its global impact in this one-minute video.