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UF law students provide legal assistance for veterans

The staff at the Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic at UF is committed to helping students make an impact.

Should you use AI to write work emails?

Research finds that AI-generated business emails are effective

Floridian sentiment continues upward tick for fifth month

Consumer sentiment among Floridians increased for a fifth month in a row in February to 74.1, up 1.5 points from a revised figure of 72.6 in January, reinforcing the optimistic outlook set at the beginning of the year.

Older adults rely more on trust in decision making. It could open them up to scams.

Relying on initial impressions of trustworthiness, elderly adults overlook bad behavior, according to new study

How UF is combatting AI misinformation in elections

A UF media expert breaks down the problems posed by AI deepfakes during election season

Consumer sentiment at two-year high with positive outlook for the future

Consumer sentiment among Floridians starts the year with the highest level over the last two years, increasing 3.3 points in January to 72.8 from the revised December figure of 69.5.

Why do banks with little skin in the game still monitor borrowers?

Tax policy change triggers an incentive for lenders to be more aggressive.

Staying one step ahead of the criminals

By blending technology with social science, UF researchers at the UF SaferPlaces Lab and the Loss Prevention Research Council work to improve retail security and deter theft, fraud and violence.

Mixed consumer sentiment in December with encouraging prospects for 2024

Consumer sentiment in Florida inched up for a third consecutive month in December to 69.5, gaining 1.2 points from a revised figure of 68.3 in November. 

Wildfires increasing across eastern US, new study reveals

An analysis of data spanning more than three decades uncovered a concerning trend

Snap decisions: Posting about your kids on social media? Here’s how to protect their privacy

UF's Stacey Steinberg is an expert on sharenting — the term coined for posting about your kids online. She recognizes the benefits and risks of posting content about kids and wants families to understand them, too.

UF Lastinger Center for Learning partners with Kibeam Learning™ to improve literacy across the state

A new UF partnership is providing families in Florida with materials to boost literacy in a research pilot for children in first and second grade. 

Five key findings from Miami-Dade County’s affordable housing analysis

Renters and frontline workers are the hardest hit by Miami-Dade County’s shortage of affordable housing options, according to a new analysis of Census and employment data from the University of Florida’s Shimberg Center for Housing Studies (on behalf of Miami Homes for All).

Floridian sentiment increases as perceptions of economic conditions improve

Consumer sentiment among Floridians increased in November to 68.3, up 1.9 points from a revised figure of 66.4 in October. On the contrary, national sentiment decreased over two points.