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Are these five things on your hurricane supply list?

It’s easy to overlook some less-obvious disaster supplies. Before a storm is looming, check your prep list for these five items suggested by the experts at University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension.

June’s consumer sentiment rises despite mixed signals

After a sharp decline last month, consumer sentiment among Floridians increased 1.2 points in June to 97.2 from May’s revised figure of 96.0.

Moving beyond woke: Turning awareness into action to support LGBTQ+ people of color

There’s room for everyone in the fight against oppression, says University of Florida researcher Della Mosley.

Your landscaping fails are actually great for pollinators

If your neighbors complain when you skip a week of mowing, just tell them you’re doing it for the bees.

Four tips for better nature photos

As Nature Photography Day approaches on June 15, we asked Brianne Lehan, a photographer and videographer with the University of Florida’s Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing, for some tips to help amateurs improve their nature photos. 

Consumer sentiment tumbles in May

After reaching its highest level in 17 years, consumer sentiment among Floridians plummeted 5.3 points in May to 96.4 from a revised figure of 101.7 in April. The last time consumer sentiment dropped more than five points was four years ago, in May 2015.

How to spot sketchy nutrition advice

Nutrition scientist Michelle Cardel shares three red flags to watch for when you see healthy eating tips on blogs or social media.

Favorable economic conditions fuel near-record consumer sentiment in April

Consumer sentiment in Florida reached its highest level in 17 years, increasing 1.4 points in April to 102 from a revised figure of 100.6 in March.

Here’s why you should look beyond breed labels when adopting a dog

The breed descriptions at shelters and on pet rescue sites aren't very accurate. Here's what to look for instead — plus a dog-ID quiz.

Jack Davis named Carnegie Fellow

Jack E. Davis, a Pulitzer Prize-winning professor of environmental history and sustainability studies at the University of Florida, is one of 32 Carnegie Fellows. 

Instagram ads disguised as friends’ post still more credible than traditional ads, study finds

Instagram users prefer sponsored ads that mimic posts from their friends over traditional advertising, although this type of advertising may seem sneaky or deceptive, new research shows.

Consumer sentiment holds steady in March

Consumer sentiment among Floridians increased slightly two-tenths of a point in March to 100.8 from February’s revised figure of 100.6. Similarly, consumer sentiment at the national level increased in March.

Out of Australia: UF researchers help map the movement of the world’s perching birds

UF professors of biology Edward Braun and Rebecca Kimball were part of a large team led by researchers at Louisiana State University that proved all perching birds originated in Australia.