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Engineering a nationwide plan to reduce campus food waste, hunger

A UF team's winning plan uses innovation to reduce food insecurity for college students and their communities.

Catching up with National Book Award winner Ibram Kendi

With a second New York Times bestseller to his name, the former UF professor returns to discuss how to be an antiracist.

October’s consumer sentiment holds steady leading up to holiday season

Consumer sentiment among Floridians decreased five-tenths of a point to 96.1 in October from a revised figure of 96.6 in September.

Consumer sentiment bounces back in September

After plummeting 6.6 points last month, consumer sentiment among Floridians ticked up 3.9 points in September to 97.3 from August’s revised figure of 93.4.

UF alum Stephen Root lands first Emmy nomination for HBO's "Barry"

He’s most often recognized as the red-stapler-loving Milton, but once you start to notice this University of Florida alumnus, he pops up everywhere.

“Record players” and reading: A brain scientist shares what actually works

Joe Biden’s debate comments about playing records for kids at night to enhance their academic performance left many confused. We asked professor Lisa Scott what science says about boosting brain development in infants and young children.

Despite positive economic indications, Florida’s consumer sentiment tumbles in August

Consumer sentiment among Floridians plummeted 6.7 points in August to 93.3 from a revised figure of 100 in July. The last time consumer sentiment dropped more than six points was in May 2015.

We’ve been trapping and sterilizing stray cats for decades. Does it work?

A collaboration between cat welfare advocates, veterinary scientists and wildlife biologists suggests that when sterilization efforts reach 75% of the colony, overall numbers will decrease over time, while preventable cat deaths can be reduced more than 30-fold.

July’s consumer sentiment continues to grow amid record-breaking economic expansion

As the U.S. entered its longest economic expansion in its history, consumer sentiment among Floridians increased in July 3.7 points to 100.2 from June’s revised figure of 96.5.

How genes and resilience affect Syrian refugee stress

Two things make you more likely to recover quicker from stress and trauma: being more resilient and having a specific DNA mutation known as the warrior gene. A new study of nearly 400 Syrian refugee children links both protective and genetic factors to psychosocial stress.

Are these five things on your hurricane supply list?

It’s easy to overlook some less-obvious disaster supplies. Before a storm is looming, check your prep list for these five items suggested by the experts at University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension.

June’s consumer sentiment rises despite mixed signals

After a sharp decline last month, consumer sentiment among Floridians increased 1.2 points in June to 97.2 from May’s revised figure of 96.0.

Moving beyond woke: Turning awareness into action to support LGBTQ+ people of color

There’s room for everyone in the fight against oppression, says University of Florida researcher Della Mosley.

Your landscaping fails are actually great for pollinators

If your neighbors complain when you skip a week of mowing, just tell them you’re doing it for the bees.