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How wisdom, resilience and mastery work together to boost well-being in old age

Understanding how wisdom, resiliency and mastery work together to improve a person’s subjective well-being later in life is important given common challenges of aging.

Sea turtle conservation gets boost from new DNA detection method

A study led by University of Florida researchers is the first to sequence environmental DNA, or eDNA, from sea turtles — genetic material shed as they travel over beaches and in water. The research project is also the first to successfully collect animal eDNA from beach sand.

A first: Scientists grow plants in soil from the moon

In a new paper published in the journal Communications Biology, University of Florida researchers showed that plants can successfully sprout and grow in lunar soil.

Here’s why you got attached to your favorite fictional character

Have you ever developed an emotional attachment to a fictional character in a book or movie? This study reveals how that happens and why.

Does medical marijuana work? Florida consortium seeks answers

A consortium of nine universities in Florida, led by faculty at the University of Florida, is in the early stages of investigating the effectiveness of marijuana as a medical treatment.

Aging and fake news: It's not the story you think it is

A new study has found that older adults are no more likely to fall for fake news than younger adults, with age-related susceptibility to deceptive news evident only among those categorized as the “oldest old.”

Study reveals previously unknown autism-related behavioral deficit

A group of scientists at UF Scripps Biomedical Research has shed new light on brain development that can lead to autism-related sensory processing disorders.

Pushy plants? Student discovery ‘adds new dimension to plant biology’

A new University of Florida study has found that a local plant, the tall elephant’s foot, can be pushy — which wasn’t previously known.

Dog treated successfully for botulism at UF

UF's Small Animal Hospital successfully treated a 12-year-old English spring spaniel for a rare case of canine botulism.

Scientists record 1st North American case of harmful phytoplasma disease on yellow nutsedge

Scientists at the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences have recorded the first North American case of a harmful phytoplasma disease known for its threat to fruit, vegetable and ornamental crops in South America and the Middle East.

Human activity ‘helped fuel’ red tide events, new study reveals

In a new study that is the first to explain what some have long suspected, researchers found that human activity helps sustain and intensify naturally occurring red tide blooms in Southwest Florida.

SEC Consortium hosts AI Across Curriculum conference

In its latest step to expand artificial intelligence education, the Southeastern Conference AI Consortium will host a conference this Friday to discuss the impact of AI across academic fields as well as potential opportunities for collaboration.