Studying glaciers . . . from Florida

Mickey MacKie, an assistant professor of geological sciences and a glaciologist, joined UF this summer. She has set up the Gator Glaciology Lab, where she and a team of undergraduate students are using machine learning tools to study conditions under glaciers to better understand movement and melting, which has implications for sea level rise.

Capturing lightning in a glass cupola

At the Lightning Observatory in Gainesville (a facility that includes the glass cupola on top of the New Engineering Building), University of Florida researchers are creating equipment that captures lightning signals from across the entire electromagnetic spectrum — allowing us to see lightning like never before.

Artificial intelligence is reshaping agricultural practices to address extreme weather and an increasing demand for food

Researchers with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences are at the leading edge of using artificial intelligence to improve agricultural practices and production. Scott Angle explains the innovations happening at UF that will help Florida and other southeastern states take an increasing role in the nation’s food production.

This supercomputer is a game-changer for researchers

The University of Florida is home to one of the world’s fastest supercomputers. It’s called HiPerGator and in this episode of From Florida, Erik Deumens explains how its speed and capacity is making a difference in what researchers are able to do.