Health Articles

UF neuroscientist uses AI to map learning, decision-making, to discover how brains work

Ryoma Hattori uses advanced laboratory techniques and AI to make discoveries about how the brain learns.

New tool for assessing dehydration is built for global deployment

The system can help doctors treat diarrhea in children

UF, UF Health celebrate expansion of health care services at Durbin Park, ongoing regional growth across Northeast Florida

University of Florida and UF Health leaders today broke ground at UF Health Durbin Park, a 42.5-acre health and wellness campus that will advance health care services as part of UF’s regional expansion plan for Jacksonville and St. Johns County.

World Cancer Day: How the UF Health Cancer Center is closing the care gap

World Cancer Day is held every year on Feb. 4 to raise awareness of cancer and encourage its prevention, detection and treatment. 

UF study shows Summer Health Professions Education Program a significant student motivator

Experience in healthcare can give students the confidence to apply to professional schools

Chronic inflammation and poverty are a ‘double whammy’ for mortality risk

The combined conditions worsen mortality more than expected

Yes, humans can get their pets sick: Reverse zoonoses more common than once thought

A paper published by UF researchers warned that pets, which share beds, kisses, snuggles, and dining areas with humans, are at risk of catching diseases from their owners.

Chronic childhood ear infections delay language development

Vigilant monitoring and prompt treatment can help protect against bad outcomes

Medical AI tool from UF, NVIDIA gets human thumbs-up in first study

A new artificial intelligence computer program created by researchers at the University of Florida and NVIDIA can generate doctors’ notes so well that two physicians couldn’t tell the difference, according to an early study from both groups.

Study reveals bias in AI tools when diagnosing women’s health issue

Machine learning algorithms designed to diagnose a common infection that affects women showed a diagnostic bias among ethnic groups, University of Florida researchers found.

Innovative veterinary system will use AI to improve clinical care and treatments

With support from the UF strategic funding initiative, a state-of-the-art, AI-enabled digital imaging platform will be developed to collect, collate, and analyze patient data.

Accelerated nursing program at UF Health addresses nursing shortages in Jacksonville

UF is making a major impact in Jacksonville, graduating a growing number of nursing students who are fulfilling the city’s critical health care needs. 

Exercise-mimicking drug sheds weight, boosts muscle activity in mice

Exercise in a pill might be a little closer to reality with new research.

56 million Americans unknowingly exposed to secondhand smoke

More than half of American adults have been recently exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke – and the vast majority of them were unaware, according to new research.

UF AIM releases 'Arts on Prescription'

New field guide offers roadmap for "prescribing" creative activities to help improve a patient's well-being