How UF helps military veterans succeed as they pursue an education

Thanks to the GI Bill, military veterans are able to pursue an education at the University of Florida. In this episode of From Florida, Roselind Brown of the Collegiate Veterans Success Center highlights UF’s history of working with veterans, while Savanna Turner, who served in the U.S. Coast Guard, talks about the opportunities and challenges veterans face in college.

Taking the cryptic out of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a mystery to many of us. In this episode of From Florida, Mark Jamison provides a straightforward explanation of cryptocurrency’s origins, how it works, why it’s attractive to some investors, what regulators are looking at and implications of cryptocurrency for the average person. 

There’s a lot more to bats than their spooky reputation

Bats are the only mammals that power their own flight and the University of Florida has hundreds of thousands of them living in the world’s largest occupied bat houses. In this episode, From Florida host Nicci Brown talks with Verity Mathis, mammal collections manager at the Florida Museum of Natural History about the history of bats at UF,

Innovative solutions at UF are supporting students’ mental health well-being

For UF’s Student Life division, helping the university’s more than 55,000 students thrive was a challenge as the pandemic and social issues escalated the common pressures college. Student Life Vice President D’Andra Mull shares how UF adapted and expanded services to connect students to campus services and to each other. 

Our rise to Top 5: A conversation with President Fuchs

At his inauguration in 2015, President Kent Fuchs set an ambitious goal for the University of Florida: Become one of the nation’s Top 5 universities. Mission accomplished! President Fuchs shares why he didn’t hesitate to set that goal, what has made the university’s rise possible and what’s next – including his thoughts on a day of celebration.

At this hackathon, students take on the challenge of a sustainable future

More than 700 teams of students from across the country are participating in the Florida Hacks with IBM event. Their challenge? Find solutions to some of the most difficult environmental issues, from protecting waterways to developing sustainable fisheries. 

Can song, murals and other art forms help us achieve better health?

In this episode of From Florida, host Nicci Brown spoke with Jill Sonke, director of UF's Center for Arts in Medicine, about her work as senior advisor to the CDC’s Vaccine Confidence and Demand Team.