Message regarding social media threat

Published: December 3 2014


To: Faculty, staff and students

From: Police Chief Linda Stump

Re: Twitter threat

Early this morning, a timely warning text message was issued by the University Police Department regarding threats made against UF on social media.  Social media messages were received from 15 separate account holders throughout the U.S. and all arrived at the same time. At least one other university received similar messages, and the social media threats were determined to be a hoax. We believe the threat against UF is likely a hoax as well.  However, since safety is always our No. 1 priority, the university has taken additional precautions, including issuing a timely warning this morning and increasing police presence and patrols.

Please know that:

  • The University Police Department and the FBI are investigating.
  • Patrols and police visibility have been increased on campus.
  • Anyone who feels they need support may use a variety of resources:  U Matter We Care [ (answered 7 days a week) or 352-392-1261], the Counseling and Wellness Center (352-392-1575, phone answered 24/7), or for those who live in campus housing- their housing staff. Families may contact U Matter with questions or concerns. Employees may use the Employee Assistance Program by calling 352-392-5787 or
  • Classes are not canceled except in cases of significant emergency. Unfortunately, hoaxes are common so reacting in such a vast and negatively impactful way to threats that are determined by law enforcement to be a low risk is not a viable option.
  • If the safety risk increases in any way, additional action will be taken and additional communication will go out.
  • Students should follow their regular schedule but ask for assistance if necessary.
  • Be alert to your surroundings and if something makes you concerned or suspicious, contact University Police at 352-392-1111 or 9-1-1.  See something, say something.
  • Information about the timely warning is available by calling 1-866-UF FACTS.

As these kinds of threats may arise again in the future, we will continue to work closely with our federal partners to assess and respond appropriately.