Media Advisory

UF Experts on Brain Tumor Research and Therapy

The following University of Florida researchers are available to speak to reporters on a range of topics related to brain tumor research and therapy.

William A. Friedman, co-director, Preston A. Wells Jr. Center for Brain Tumor Therapy; chair, Department of Neurosurgery, UF College of Medicine; Gubernatorial Appointee, Florida Center for Brain Tumor Research

Research interests: Brain tumors, radiosurgery and trigeminal neuralgia

Friedman is the leader of a multidisciplinary radiosurgery team that has treated more than 2,800 patients, published more than 120 papers and chapters, produced many international meetings and educated hundreds of visiting physicians.

Duane Mitchell, director, UF Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program; co-director, Preston A. Wells Jr. Center for Brain Tumor Therapy; Phyllis Kottler Friedman professor, UF College of Medicie; State of Florida Endowed Cancer Research Chair

Research interests: Immunopathology, immunotherapy, neuro-oncology

Mitchell leads a comprehensive translational research program focused on brain tumor immunotherapy and is principal investigator on a number of first-in-human immunotherapy clinical trials in pediatric and adult patients with brain cancer.

Maryam Rahman, head of surgical neuro-oncology, UF College of Medicine

Research interests: Gliomas, skull base tumors, pituitary tumors, brain and spinal tumors, craniotomy/cortical mapping

Rahman’s focus is on novel treatment techniques, including laser interstitial thermotherapy, fluorescence guided surgery, immunotherapy/vaccine therapy and awake cortical mapping during surgery.

David Tran, chief of neuro-oncology; assistant professor of neurosurgery, UF College of Medicine

Research interests: Brain cancer, gliomas, cancer cell migration, brain metastases, cancer genomics

Tran’s research program is focused understanding the mechanism of cancer metastasis and dormancy.

Sri Gururangan, director, pediatric neuro-oncology; Greene Professor of Neurosurgery, UF College of Medicine

Research interests: Brain tumors, immunotherapy, cell signaling pathways, chemotherapy, drug design, targeted cancer therapy, cancer genetic syndromes

Gururangan’s research interests include developing new strategies for treatment of children with brain tumors, with a special focus in the development of Phase I and II trials of new drugs.