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UF Law constitutional law experts available to discuss Supreme Court abortion ruling

University of Florida Law professors are available to comment about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on access to abortion clinics. Justices invalidated a Texas law that requires physicians performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles and abortion facilities to meet strict regulatory requirements imposed upon ambulatory surgical centers.

Contact: Nancy Dowd – UF Professor of Law, David H. Levin Chair in Family Law; Emeritus Director, UF Law Center on Children & Families

352-682-7212 (cellular)

Professor Dowd’s research focuses on social justice issues connected to family law, and therefore touches on not only family law but also juvenile law, constitutional law, race and gender analysis, and social change theories.

“This is a major victory for abortion rights particularly because the vote indicates even a new justice would not disturb the ruling.”

--Nancy Dowd, UF Law Professor

Contact: Darren L. Hutchinson – UF Professor of Law, Stephen C. O’Connell Chair

352-273-0918 (office)          

202-276-0146 (cellular)

Professor Hutchinson teaches Constitutional Law, Remedies, Race and the Law, and Civil Rights Seminar at the University of Florida Levin College of Law.

“The Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that enacted tough requirements on abortion providers. The Court held that the law imposed an ‘undue burden’ upon women seeking an abortion. Due to the extensive fact-finding by the trial court, the Supreme Court's analysis was less deferential than it had been in recent precedent. If the Court adheres to this approach, more state laws that regulate abortion could be subject to invalidation.”

--Darren L. Hutchinson, UF Law professor

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