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Pop-Up Culture at UF celebrates arts in new and engaging ways

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At the fifth annual Pop-Up Culture event, organized through the combined efforts of 13 campus and community partners as well as the College of the Arts, students aim to increase awareness and appreciation for the arts and humanities. With performances ranging from Irish bagpipe music to belly dancing, this event showcases the wide variety of arts available in Gainesville.

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The Florida Swing Dancing Club seen dancing outside Library West during Pop-Up Culture. Tanya Pattison, a freshman art history major, refers to this club as a great way to get involved and find support on campus. She said, “You go out and try your best, and no one really cares if you mess up.”

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The Harn Museum opens its doors for late hours on the second Thursday of every month. From the hours of 6-9pm, the museum offers free admission and refreshments, so come enjoy the art and entertainment offered here in Gainesville. At their table, representatives of the museum were handing out buttons and pamphlets describing this after-hours experience.

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Also known as the hip hop collective, this breakdancing group’s goal is to bring hip hop to the collegiate setting. During the event, these club members were showcasing their moves and strength as they defied gravity and spun around the floor.

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The Healthy Relationships Fair is a branch of GatorWell that focuses on healthy sexual relationships and noticing when relationships are heading in a violent direction. Focusing on issues such as sexual violence, intimate partner violence and assault, this group strives to make conversations about these issues easier to have with romantic partners. At their table, people were able to get shirts tie-dyed while they learned about the benefits of this group.

Kaylie Heyner Author
Brianne Lehan Photography
October 16, 2018