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UF applications hit a record high

Applications to the University of Florida reached a new record this year, with more than 34,000 prospective students vying for admission during the summer and fall semesters of 2017.

This year’s total application number – 34,553 – represents a nearly 8 percent increase over last year’s total of 32,026.

Of those who applied for summer and fall 2017, UF admitted 13,214 for a 38 percent acceptance rate – down from last year’s acceptance rate of 42.5 percent.

The latest numbers were released in connection with Decision Day, when applicants learn whether they have been admitted to UF. This year’s Decision Day was Friday, Feb. 10.

“This group of students is absolutely among the most competitive ever,” UF President Kent Fuchs said. “The growing interest in UF is a reflection of what an amazing place this is. Congratulations to those who were admitted. I look forward to seeing all of the new Gators this fall.”

Academically, the group admitted this year is a strong one. Its average GPA is 4.4, while its average SAT score is 1349 and its average ACT score is 30.

In addition to the traditional application track, UF offers Innovation Academy, which pulls students from 30 majors into a cohort that attends classes on a spring-summer schedule, and Pathway to Campus Enrollment, or PaCE, in which students complete a minimum of two semesters via UF Online before becoming residential students.

Innovation Academy launched in 2013, while PaCE was created in February 2015.

Those who applied for summer/fall 2017 have until May 1 to notify UF of whether they intend to register for classes.

Decision Day at a glance

Application Numbers:

Nov 1st                  32,526

Post Nov 1st            2,027

Total                      34,553

Enrollment Goal:  6,600 Summer B/Fall

Admits = 13,214 (Fall = 10,074; Summer B = 3,140)

Fall Admit Profile

Average GPA     4.4

Average SAT      1349

Average ACT      30

Innovation Academy:

Total Admits 979

Pathway to Campus Enrollment – PaCE

Total Admits 2,420

Steve Orlando Author
February 14, 2017