InsideUF sports new look

Published: June 19 2007

Category:Announcements, Voices Column

This week marks a new chapter in the evolution of InsideUF, your campus news source.

One of the first changes you’ll note is the online site now has its own unique URL – – that we hope will help give InsideUF its own identity within the university. Another notable change is a design that complements the print publication, which we also hope will make the link between the print and online versions of InsideUF more seamless.

As always, the main goal of InsideUF – whether it be online or in print – is to feature news of people, places and events from every corner of the University of Florida community. Within its limited space, InsideUF carries profiles on faculty, staff and students, and stories on academic programs and research. InsideUF also contains short items on a range of topics from events to deadline reminders to professional activity announcements.

In this very large, very busy university, it can be hard to break out of our own little worlds of workplace and colleagues. We’re all better off when we see the big picture and tap into the amazing variety of programs and activities that UF has to offer. By connecting the corners of our campus, InsideUF helps us do just that.

Your suggestions and feedback on this new site will be helpful to us as we continue to be your campus news source so don’t be shy. Let us know what you think by dropping us an e-mail at

Joe Hice
Associate Vice President
Marketing and Public Relations

Category:Announcements, Voices Column