UF, UFPD adding  four Blue Light Phones on Fraternity Row

The University of Florida and the UF Police Department are dedicated to the safety of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of our campus. As such, we are proud to share that a total of four new emergency Blue Light Phones (BLPs) are being added to the Fraternity Row area.

“We would like to thank the students who demonstrated the care and concern they share for the safety of our community by bringing to our attention the need for these BLPs,” UF Police Chief Linda Stump-Kurnick said.

UFPD is currently collaborating with the University of Florida’s Planning, Design & Construction, Emergency Management, and Office of the Director of Physical Security and have already met with the Project Manager in order to begin the installation process as quickly as possible.

"Adding these Blue Light Phones is a necessity to keep all Gators, wherever they may be, safe and in proximity to emergency protection,” said UF student Emily Hyden, who helped organize efforts to draw attention to the need for Blue Light Phones on Fraternity Row. “The organizers of the protest for Blue Lights on Fraternity Row are glad that the students who voiced their concerns have had their voices heard, and that action is being taken."
In the spirit of our “Shared Responsibility” model, UFPD will again host its Annual Lighting and Safety Survey the evening of Nov. 4 beginning at 7 p.m. Students, staff or faculty members are encouraged to participate and provide feedback. If you are unable to attend or would simply like to voice any additional safety concerns you may have, please free to contact the staff of the University of Florida Community Services Division at (352) 392-1407 or email at: updinfo@ufl.edu.

“One of the UFPD’s primary mission objectives remains preserving a safe and secure campus environment and we recognize we can’t do it alone,” Stump-Kurnick said. “The feedback and concerns expressed by community members such as those involved in the BLP discussion are invaluable and help us achieve that objective.”

UF News September 27, 2019