Dr. Shannon Boye named Innovator of the Year

UF Innovate | Tech Licensing hosted its sixth annual Standing InnOvation event on Wednesday, October 18, to honor and celebrate innovators and their work at the University of Florida in fiscal year 2023.
UF Innovate's annual celebration recognized the achievements of nearly 600 University of Florida researchers who disclosed, optioned, or licensed technologies, or received an issued patent in fiscal year 2023. The event crowned Dr. Shannon Boye as the Innovator of the Year, along with six Inventions of the Year.
Dr. Boye's exceptional contributions and groundbreaking research have earned her the prestigious title of Innovator of the Year. Her dedication and expertise have propelled her to the forefront of innovation, making her a true inspiration to her peers and the entire University of Florida community.
The Standing InnOvation event, aptly named to give UF innovators a well-deserved "standing ovation," showcased the remarkable achievements of the fiscal year. In the 2023 fiscal year alone, UF innovators disclosed an impressive 300 technologies, licensed 118, and initiated the creation of 15 companies. These numbers reflect the university's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
In addition to the recognition ceremony, the event featured an InnOvation Showcase, where researchers from UF's 16 colleges presented their interactive innovations. Guests had the opportunity to engage with the kiosks and learn more about the cutting-edge research happening across various disciplines. The showcase added an extra layer of excitement and inspiration to the networking reception, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and discovery.
UF Innovate | Tech Licensing continues to play a vital role in supporting and promoting the groundbreaking research conducted at the University of Florida. By facilitating the disclosure, licensing, and optioning of technologies, UF Innovate empowers researchers to transform their ideas into tangible solutions that benefit society as a whole.
The sixth annual Standing InnOvation event was a resounding success, highlighting the remarkable achievements of UF innovators and their significant contributions to the world of research and innovation. The University of Florida proudly congratulates Dr. Shannon Boye on being named the Innovator of the Year and extends its appreciation to all the researchers who continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and make a lasting impact.
For more information about UF Innovate | Tech Licensing and the Standing InnOvation event, please visit https://innovate.research.ufl.edu/tech-licensing/standing-innovation-gallery-2023/ 

Sara Dagen October 19, 2023