UF SNAP by Spare app replaces TapRide

Upon SNAP’s return to service for the Spring 2023 semester, the TapRide app will no longer work to request rides. It will be replaced permanently with the new University of Florida SNAP by Spare app.

The UF SNAP by Spare app is free and available in the iOS and Android app stores. 

UF SNAP by Spare uses UF’s normal Gatorlink authentication process with two-step verification to allow SNAP customers to sign in and request rides. The new app also allows more efficient driver routing and service, more accurate estimated times of arrival and van tracking, and a more modern and user-friendly interface.

SNAP’s approved stops are displayed with an orange flag icon when searching pick-up and drop-off locations within the UF SNAP by Spare app, and rides may only be requested to and from those locations. All other locations where SNAP service is not provided are displayed with a red marker icon.

Click here for a tutorial on using UF SNAP by Spare.

If you’d prefer not to download the UF SNAP by Spare app, you can still request SNAP service by using the UF SNAP by Spare web portal. The web portal allows customers to submit ride requests and track their van in the same manner as the UF SNAP by Spare app and can be accessed from any browser.

For additional information on using the app, please visit Spare Labs’ rider information page.

UF News January 12, 2023