Using AI to assess crop damage after tropical storms, hurricanes

University of Florida scientists will use artificial intelligence technology to quantify damage to fruits and vegetables caused by extreme weather events, such as Hurricane Ian.

When Ian struck on Sept. 28, it brought winds up to 155 mph and caused as much as $1.56 billion in damage to crops, livestock and aquaculture products in its path, according to preliminary estimates from UF/IFAS. Those estimates are based on farmer surveys.

These figures are critical because growers need to know the extent of crop loss to file insurance claims and apply for other recovery aid, and UF/IFAS scientist Yiannis Ampatzidis thinks he can help.

Ampatzidis has already developed Agroview and AgroSense at his lab at the Southwest Florida Research and Education Center. His newest project is to develop a computer model to use his existing technology to count damaged or dead crops.

The UF/IFAS associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering has received a nearly $300,000 grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to use Agroview and AgroSense for the times extreme weather arrives.

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Brad Buck January 18, 2023