The Gator Nation can have it all

To make University of Florida President Kent Fuchs’ final commencement weekend special, the School of Theatre and Dance put on a fun performance.

Fuchs’ ended his speech at the Fall 2022 commencement by saying “I pray through faith, love and kindness you will have it all.”

On cue, a “graduate” from the floor stood up singing the beginning to Jason Mraz’s “Have It All.” Others followed suit, throwing off their caps and gowns and coming together into a flash mob of singing and dancing.

Lecturer Andrew Cao taught and choreographed the performance, which included 30 student performers.

“I think the song really captures the message and the energy that President Fuchs wanted to share with the students,” he said. “The idea of having it all and him wanting them to have it all.”

Graduates grinned from ear to ear in the Stephen C. O’Connell Center with them, and the audience of friends and family clapped along to the performance.

“The performance process as well as the rehearsal process have had such lively energy, performing for my friends and getting to perform for my friends who are graduating. It’s a moment I am happy to be a part of,” said Taylor Tarver, one of the performers.

Blake Trauschke December 20, 2022