Rob Ferl receives NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal

A close up portrait of a man

(Rob Ferl/IFAS file photo.)

Rob Ferl, distinguished professor in the UF/IFAS horticultural sciences department and assistant vice president for UF research, has received one of NASA’s most prestigious honors, the Exceptional Public Service Medal.

The award recognizes non-government individuals whose work has made a steady, lasting impact on the agency, its projects and goals.

“NASA is a truly great national science agency, one that relies on and respects community input,” Ferl said. “I have had the amazing opportunity to represent the space biology community in various ways that impact the trajectory of our science as humans explore space. I deeply appreciate the recognition from NASA. However, the deeper implications of this award draw from the very real fact that NASA places enormous value on its community of scientists.”


Samantha Murray April 29, 2022