UF professor awarded federal funding for school safety data dashboard development

Following a number of high-profile mass school shootings in recent years, including that in Parkland, FL, in 2018 and recently in Oxford, Michigan, policymakers and educators have increasingly sought ways to ensure schools are safe.

F. Chris Curran, associate professor of educational leadership and policy at the University of Florida, has been awarded $1,998,585 from the Bureau of Justice Assistance in the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs to support this effort through the development of an enhanced school safety data dashboard for Florida schools.

Curran, who directs the Education Policy Research Center at UF’s College of Education, is collaborating with the non-profit Safe Schools for Alex, that was founded by Max Schachter following the murder of his son at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Since the tragedy, Schachter’s organization has been working to enhance school safety by facilitating broader access to school safety data.

UF News March 14, 2022