Career Showcase opens for business

The University of Florida’s flagship recruiting event, Career Showcase, usually sees crowds of students in suits converging on the O’Connell Center. This fall’s event looks different, but still offers UF students in-person and virtual meetings with hundreds of employers from around the country.

Nearly 10,000 appointments have already been scheduled, with openings still available for students and alumni. Most visits this year are online, with around 200 employers participating. Masked, physically distant in-person meetings happen in the Rion Ballroom (Reitz Union Level 3) through Wednesday and in the Career Connections Center (Reitz Union Level 1) on Thursday. Appointments are available at

“Career Showcase is a University of Florida tradition, so we were determined to make this event happen,” said Ja’Net Glover, Senior Director for the Career Connections Center, noting that the effort to expand online and extend the showcase from two to four days began in March. “We are excited to be able to still provide this networking opportunity." 

Non-technical days continue through September 22 for UF students and alumni interested in fields such as accounting, health care, communications, education, sales and retail. September 23 and 24 are technical days for UF students and alumni in fields such as computer science, engineering and information systems. 

Julia Lurvey, an MBA candidate in UF's Hough Graduate School of Business, said her experience at the event was "super easy, pleasant and safe."

"I felt completely safe. I cannot stress this enough. There was hand sanitizer available, the guidelines were clearly communicated, and I was able to give my student ID number so that I didn’t even have to exchange my Gator1 with the hosts," she said. "All the support staff were very helpful and conscientious." 

For questions, contact the Career Events staff at (352) 273-2331 or

Alisson Clark September 21, 2020