August 26: UF In The News, 8/23/21 - 8/26/21

PSA: Beating the virus is just the beginning for younger adults with long COVID — Bay News 9, 8/23/21
Dr. Irene Estores, director of UF Health's integrative medicine program, shares how “long COVID” — when COVID patients experience mostly mild to moderate symptoms for months after becoming infected — is being called the next public health disaster. 

“I certainly am seeing patients who are already a year out of their infections, initial infections - this is from people who got COVID from the first wave,” Estores said. "I see patients who have been affected in a very marked way, where patients would even say, 'This has ruined my life.'"

FDOT promoting safety on West University — WGFL, 8/23/21
UF President Kent Fuchs joined the Florida Department of Transportation on Monday to promote safety and spread awareness of the new traffic patterns.

"What you see on University Avenue, in some sense, is a symbol of what's happening this entire semester,” Fuchs said. “We're asking everyone, enjoy the semester, learn a lot, work hard in your classes, enjoy teaching if you're a faculty member, enjoy being back if you're a staff member, but do it in a way that's safe.”

Doctor on FDA's approval of Pfizer's COVID vaccine: "We need this now" — CBS News, 8/23/21
Kartik Cherabuddi, an infectious diseases doctor at UF, weighs in on the impact of the Food and Drug Administration’s full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine with those who have been hesitant to get vaccinated on grounds that it was only being distributed under emergency use authorization. 

UF, West Palm and Palm Beach County in talks to bring graduate school presence to downtown — The Palm Beach Post, 8/24/21
The mayors of Palm Beach County and West Palm Beach recently revealed that they've been in talks with UF about the school establishing a local graduate program presence near downtown.

The county and city mayors described what they envision as the city serving as a home for graduate programs in areas such as finance, technology, business, engineering and law.

Long-term side effects from COVID vaccines unlikely, data shows —  Fox 13, 8/24/21
Doctors and scientists say they know some people are still hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine and want to wait to see what potential long-term effects might be. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, long-term effects are unlikely, and serious side effects are very rare.

"Three and a half billion doses have been given around the world,” added Dr. Michael Lauzardo, deputy director of the Emerging Pathogens Institute at UF. “There's not a lot of doubt in our mind about how people tolerate and how people deal with it.”

Opinion: The FTC’s antitrust case against Facebook fails both legal tests — Marketwatch, 8/24/21 
Mark Jamison, the director and Gerald Gunter Professor of the Public Utility Research Center at UF, penned an op-ed highlighting how antitrust enforcers at the Federal Trade Commission can’t show that Facebook has monopoly power nor that it’s harming consumers, and how he expects the case in federal court should fail.

Losing your sense of taste and smell with the coronavirus — U.S. News & World Report, 8/24/21
Losing your sense of smell is a common symptom of the coronavirus, which is not unusual with any viral infection in the nose. Taste, however, is another issue. Viruses don't typically affect those senses directly. 

While there's evidence indicating that COVID-19 affects the taste system of some people, the exact mechanism is not known, said Steven Munger, director of UF’s Center for Smell and Taste. What’s clear is that smell loss is the most predictive symptom of COVID-19, more so than others like fever or cough. 

"We and others are now studying whether smell testing – particularly in the school, workplace or home – could be used to provide an early warning of COVID-19,” Munger said. “We also hope that the increased awareness of anosmia will result in more regular screening of smell function as part of regular health care."

After hospital CEO Dr. Leon Haley's tragic death, hundreds get vaccinated in his honor — ABC News, 8/25/21
ABC News featured the Jacksonville community’s effort to continue the late Dr. Leon Haley’s mission of vaccinating as many people as possible. More than 150 people got vaccinated during a recent rally in the name of Haley, who was the CEO and dean of UF Health Jacksonville.