June 7: UF in the News 6/4/21-6/7/21

The IPO club might finally have you as a member. Still want in? — The Wall Street Journal, 6/4/21

Upstart brokerages Robinhood Markets and SoFi Technologies are the latest to try to get small investors into IPOs. By getting small investors early access to IPOs, it gives investors the opportunity to take advantage of the IPO "pop." 

Since 1980, standard U.S. exchange-listed IPOs have on average risen about 18% from their pre-trading offering price to the close of first-day trading, according to UF finance professor Jay Ritter’s data. 


U.S. nursing home deaths fall sharply as older people are vaccinated — The New York Times, 6/4/21

COVID-19 spread easily in nursing homes and has been particularly lethal for unvaccinated adults in their 60s or older.

“Coronavirus highlighted some of the needs of both the residents themselves and the facilities,” said Cindy Prins, an epidemiologist at UF, citing a need for more oversight, greater examination of infection controls and better training for staff members.


Predictive policing strategies for children face pushback — NBC News, 6/6/21

Criminal justice advocates say programs that assign a risk score to individuals or places to predict criminality, specifically targeting adolescents, and the broader trend to increase surveillance in schools under the guise of school safety, fuel the so-called school-to-prison pipeline. 

“This idea that you can predict criminality is very worrisome and extremely troubling. You cannot,” said Jason Nance, a professor at the University of Florida Levin College of Law. “These are real kids with real lives. If you have extra scrutiny on a child and that child does something minor or untoward, you may set that student on a pathway in which that student will become more involved in the criminal justice system later on.”


5 fresh dog food delivery options that will have your pup eating like royalty — Forbes, 6/4/21

Is fresh dog food better for your pup? It depends on who you ask. 

According to Justin Shmalberg, clinical associate professor at UF's College of Veterinary Medicine, fresh diets have a variety of health and nutrition benefits. He says that “feeding our pets well is the best strategy for preventing chronic diseases,” and we should include at least some fresh food in our dog’s diet.


Shopping with your family could cost you more money, University of Florida study finds — WFTS, Tampa Bay's ABC affiliate, 6/4/21

A new UF study finds when you’re out shopping, you’re more likely to be swayed by those around you. UF professor of food and resource economics Zhifeng Gao looked into what and who affect people’s decisions, finding that the shopping response depends on who is shopping with you and takes into account a variety of factors like gender and age.

This study might give us a clue as to why we buy items we don’t necessarily need when we’re out shopping.