June 28: UF in the News, 6/25/21-6/28/21

Pancake collapses: What they are and why they're dangerous — CNN, 6/25/21

In the aftermath of the oceanfront condo tower collapse in Surfside, Florida, investigators say the building appears to have fallen in a "pancake collapse." 

While pancake collapses occur frequently after major earthquakes, these kinds of collapses aren't common in Florida, where buildings are much more vulnerable to wind damage than an earthquake, said Jeffrey Lindsey, a fire and emergency services coordinator and lecturer at the University of Florida.


How trying to avoid spoilers in 2021 became futile — IGN, 6/25/21

Social media’s rise in popularity and accessibility means it’s easier than ever to spoil something. The old adage of, “If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t go on the internet,” doesn't cut it anymore as the number of technologies designed to make our lives easier has increased tenfold over the last 15 years.  

“The environment around media consumption has changed so we’re talking more to each other online about content. There are more reviews, and they’re more accessible,” said Ben Johnson, a professor at UF who studies spoiler culture. “If I go into my social media news feed now, I’m seeing spoilers or reviews from TV shows that aired last night.”


Did Covid-19 take your taste and smell? Here's when they may return — CNN, 6/25/21

Parosmia, a distortion of smell that occurs when receptor cells in the nose don't detect and translate odors to the brain properly, has been associated with a complete loss of smell and taste, called anosmia, that has become a hallmark sign of mild to moderate Covid-19 infections.

There are several ways to accurately test your sense of smell at home, experts say. One is the jellybean test, and Steven Munger, director of the Center for Smell and Taste at UF described how to do the test.


Let's make sure teens don't start vaping again — The Hill, 6/25/21

As teens get together this summer, and when they go back to school this fall, this may mean greater peer pressure around certain unhealthy behaviors, especially with regard to e-cigarette use or vaping. We need to be vigilant to prevent a resurgence of the youth vaping epidemic. 

During the pandemic, the number of underage youths who used e-cigarettes or vaped declined in the United States. Ramzi G. Salloum, an assistant professor at UF's College of Medicine contributed to this opinion piece encouraging adults to concentrate efforts around continuing to reduce teen vaping.

As parents forbid covid shots, defiant teenagers seek ways to get them — The New York Times, 6/26/21

Although doctors have been trying to instill vaccine confidence in parents as well as patients, there’s not much they can do when parents object. Recently, Dr. Mobeen H. Rathore, a pediatrics professor at the UF medical college in Jacksonville, told a patient whose mother refused consent that she couldn’t get the Covid vaccine until she turned 18, three weeks hence.

“She got vaccinated on her birthday,” Dr. Rathore said. “She sent me a message saying that was her birthday gift to herself.”


Man in serious condition after being bitten by great white shark at California beach — ABC, 6/26/2021

A 35-year-old man is in serious condition after a great white shark attack in California, authorities said.

There were 33 unprovoked shark attacks on humans in the United States last year, three of which were fatal, according to data from the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida.