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#TogetherUF Campaign to Hold Virtual Assembly

Student leaders to host online event for UF community

Student leaders are hosting a Virtual Assembly to air on Thursday, Oct. 19 at 2:30 p.m.

Virtual Assembly will be a series of videos and performances from around the UF community to open up dialogue about race relations, cooperation, diversity, and much more. Current students, faculty and staff will be able to view the assembly.

This is part of the student-led campaign called #TogetherUF that aims to promote community through collaborative events, open dialogue and positive action.

Discussion of this campaign began shortly after the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia when students heard the National Policy Institute was looking to speak at UF. Although the committee was created to aid students in having an outlet to express their perspectives about various issues, they now have a common goal to spread unity centered around embracing our differences throughout the University of Florida’s campus.

This committee is composed of various student leaders, each representing different communities of the university.

Together UF is planning various events from forums to showcases in an effort to ensure that the community can engage in shared dialogue to challenge perspectives and learn from one another.

“We want to recognize that individuals can disagree and still maintain the same respect and understanding for one another,” said Ianne Itchon, a student leader helping plan the campaign. “We are seeking to rally students against hate and all its forms and to provide platforms for community action and education.”

Throughout the Virtual Assembly, students are invited to join the conversation on Facebook at They will be posing questions throughout the assembly and asking students to add their opinions and voices.

Additionally, #TogetherUF will be holding Facebook-based fundraiser on Thursday, Oct. 19. Donations go to the UF Student Affairs crisis fund which helps students in need. The fund goes to support students in crisis – from hurricane relief to providing assistance for students needing emergency medical care.

“We want to help demonstrate that Gators take care of one another and that every Gator is important,” said. Bijal Desai. “We want to take the spotlight away from the controversial speaker and make headlines with the amazing things our diverse student body does together.”

More information about #TogetherUF can be found at

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October 17, 2017