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Parkinson’s Symptoms

Published: Jan 12th, 2012

Over one million people suffer from the debilitating brain degeneration of Parkinson’s disease in the US. But now, a new University of Florida study reveals some added benefits for people who receive a newer type of deep brain stimulation to treat the symptoms of advanced Parkinson’s disease.

Back Pain Relief

Published: Jan 5th, 2012

Lower back pain affects four out of five Americans and has become one of the most frequent causes of medical visits and lost-duty time for soldiers. Now a new University of Florida study says exercise alone isn’t the best way to prevent lower back pain in soldiers.

Holiday Stress

Published: Dec 14th, 2011

‘Tis the season for stress. While the holiday season’s supposed to represent the most wonderful time of the year, for many people holiday cheer can quickly turn into holiday jeer.

Florida Real Estate Woes

Published: Dec 1st, 2011

Real estate experts have been looking forward to Florida’s housing marketing hitting bottom as a sign that things will start improving. But the University of Florida’s latest quarterly survey on real estate in the Sunshine State shows most experts remain as depressed as the housing market.

Aggressive Kids

Published: Nov 15th, 2011

Kids should think twice before picking on early maturing girls or late maturing boys in their class. A new University of Florida study links violent conduct in schools to some students’ timing in puberty.

Tomato Salmonella

Published: Nov 9th, 2011

You should keep washing those tomatoes before you cut and eat them. But a new University of Florida study shows that still won’t guarantee the tomatoes won’t contain the bacteria that cause the most food-borne illness in humans, salmonella.

Restroom Germs

Published: Oct 25th, 2011

No one likes to use a public restroom, but millions of Americans use them everyday. Now a new University of Florida study suggests that germophobes aren’t the only people who should be careful when using a public lavatory.

Safer Grapefruit

Published: Oct 19th, 2011

Warnings about grapefruit show up on some prescription drugs, as it can interfere with certain medicines. Now University of Florida researchers are developing a tasty grapefruit that won’t come with a warning.

School Math

Published: Oct 11th, 2011

Tougher national math standards will mean students in middle school will get an early dose of statistics, but states and school districts have few reliable methods to test student improvement in the subject. With a two-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation, University of Florida researchers are developing better assessment tools for middle and high school students’ progress in statistics.

Cat Fertility

Published: Sep 29th, 2011

They might seem cute and cuddly, but some of the cats you see roaming neighborhoods or hanging out by restaurants are wild animals, born without any people caring for them. Now University of Florida researchers say a vaccine may help control feral cat populations.