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Wall Street Journal: Dave Denslow

Published: Sep 27th, 2006

Economics professor Dave Denslow was quoted in a Sept. 27 Wall Street Journal (circ. 2.1 million) about young families being priced out of Florida’s housing market.

Chicago Tribune: Jacobo Konigsberg

Published: Sep 26th, 2006

Physicist Jacobo Konigsberg was quoted in a Sept. 26 story in the Chicago Tribune (circ. 600,988) about the B-sub-s meson particle.

New York Times: Rob Carr

Published: Sep 26th, 2006

Rob Carr, director of engineering services for the College of Journalism and Communications, was quoted in a Sept. 26 New York Times (circ. )0)) story about Radio and TV Marti. […]

Newsweek: Zina Evans

Published: Sep 25th, 2006

Admissions director Zina Evans was quoted in a Sept. 25 Newsweek story about Harvard’s decision to discontinue early admissions. The quote was the result of a UF News Bureau referral.

Palm Beach Post: Tech transfer

Published: Sep 21st, 2006

UF’s ranking as one of the top universities in tech transfer was the subject of numerous stories in state media, including the Palm Beach Post (circ. 222,833) The stories were […]

Associated Press: Dr. Nik Gravenstein

Published: Sep 20th, 2006

Dr. Nik Gravenstein, professor and chairman of the department of anesthesia, was quoted in a Sept. 20 Associated Press state wire story about the execution of Clarence Hill.

Forbes.com: Jim Twitchell

Published: Sep 20th, 2006

Pop culture Jim Twitchell was quoted in a Sept. 20 Forbes.com story about didactic marketing.

Los Angeles Times: Gail Rampersaud

Published: Sep 18th, 2006

Gail Rampersaud, a registered dietitian with UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, was quoted in a Sept. 18 Los Angeles Times (circ. 902,164) story about her study showing that […]

Associated Press: George Burgess

Published: Sep 16th, 2006

Shark expert George Burgess was quoted in a Sept. 16 Associated Press national wire story about shark attacks.

Chicago Tribune: Norb Dunkel

Published: Sep 16th, 2006

Housing director Norb Dunkel was quoted in a Sept. 16 Chicago Tribune (circ. 600,988) story about universities teaming with developers to building residence halls.