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1999 May Be The Last Year For Online Shopping Gravy Train

Published: Dec 2nd, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Thinking of doing some holiday shopping on the Internet this year? Better act fast: This time next year, the number of online retailers may be down and the savings edge may be all but gone, says a University of Florida electronic commerce expert.

UF Launches Journal Of Undergraduate Research

Published: Oct 22nd, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Like a lot of researchers at the University of Florida, Chris Beach spent months in the lab on a project, then published the results in a academic journal.

“Flying Laboratory” Offers Aerospace Engineering Lessons In Real Time

Published: Sep 20th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — University of Florida aerospace engineering students learning about flight are no longer restricted to textbooks and lectures.

Simply Brilliant: UF/Russian Team Makes Gem-Quality Diamonds

Published: Aug 18th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Like Superman squeezing a lump of coal in his mighty fist, scientists and engineers from the University of Florida and Russia are speeding up Mother Nature’s handiwork through creating gem-quality diamonds with man-made heat and pressure.

Software Brings UF Citrus Expertise To Growers’ Desktops

Published: Jul 30th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — New computer software is squeezing more profits out of Florida’s orange and grapefruit groves.

Digital Plant Doctor Diagnoses Plant Problems

Published: Jul 23rd, 1999

GAINESVILLE—A picture may be worth more than a thousand words.

Unique UF Web Site Provides Live Access To Laboratory Research

Published: Jul 16th, 1999

GAINESVILLE—It’s not a World Wide Web site that will draw big crowds, but it is the only one of its kind in the world.

Perfect Laps Just A Keystroke Away For Swimmers Using New System

Published: Jul 14th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Swimming has entered the digital age.

UF Study Shows Despite Ads, Cities Catch The ‘Net While Small Towns Lag

Published: Jun 28th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Even as the hype portrays the Internet as a tool that will level the economic playing fields for big cities and small towns, the virtual reality is that a few select cities will get the lion’s share of the information action, a new University of Florida study finds.

UF Researcher’s New Geographic Technology Can Eliminate Urban Decay

Published: Jun 16th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — A new geographic market analysis technique that forecasts demand for office space can replace huge white elephants with black ink for taxpayers, says a University of Florida researcher.