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UF Team: Dust Disks May Reveal Evidence Of Hard-to-find Planets

Published: Dec 20th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — A team of astronomers from the University of Florida is proposing that it may be possible to find evidence of “hidden” planets by observing the huge disks of dust created when stars are born.

Unique Environment, Amateur Sleuths Make Fla. An Archaeology Prize

Published: Dec 1st, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Ancient swamp things abound in Florida to give rare looks at the way people lived thousands of years ago, and ordinary folks are helping to uncover them, says a retired University of Florida professor.

UF Research: Underground Rivers, Springs Not The “Pipes” They Appear

Published: Nov 23rd, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Rivers and streams in north Florida have a curious habit of disappearing into the ground, only to reemerge elsewhere, a result of the porous rock formations that lie not far beneath the ground.

UF Launches Journal Of Undergraduate Research

Published: Oct 22nd, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Like a lot of researchers at the University of Florida, Chris Beach spent months in the lab on a project, then published the results in a academic journal.

UF Research Ties Homosexual Behavior In Beetle To Evolution

Published: Oct 20th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — In a new hypothesis for a behavior observed in a number of species, two researchers say the process of natural selection may explain homosexual behavior in a beetle that preys on citrus in South Florida.

UF Research: Sea Level Rise Behind Tree Deaths On Florida’s West Coast

Published: Oct 14th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — When University of Florida researchers first looked into Florida west coast residents’ complaints of dying palms, they thought the cause was a disease.

UF Researcher: Deep Focus And Steady Aim Are Key To Making The Shot

Published: Oct 5th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — An expert target shooter looks through his sight and pauses, focusing on the tiny target 50 meters away. The bull’s-eye is just 10.4 millimeters in diameter, regulation size for the Olympic smallbore rifle event. The shooter pauses for a moment, steadying his body, quieting his mind, focusing on the target. Will he hit the bull’s-eye?

Tiny Plane Brings UF Closer To Military Goal For Size And Cost

Published: Sep 22nd, 1999

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida aerospace engineering team is a step closer to reaching the ambitious goals of a military research program aimed at developing tiny, affordable airplanes for use in battlefield surveillance and other military situations.

Simply Brilliant: UF/Russian Team Makes Gem-Quality Diamonds

Published: Aug 18th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Like Superman squeezing a lump of coal in his mighty fist, scientists and engineers from the University of Florida and Russia are speeding up Mother Nature’s handiwork through creating gem-quality diamonds with man-made heat and pressure.

Industrial Disasters More Feared Than Natural Ones, UF Study Shows

Published: Aug 10th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Radioactive leaks, chemical spills and other man-made industrial disasters strike terror into people more than natural calamities such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, a new University of Florida study suggests.