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UF Study: Ailing Black Elders Can Count On Help From Family And Friends

Published: Dec 5th, 1996

GAINESVILLE, Fla.—Blacks are twice as likely as whites to care for their aging relatives, University of Florida researchers report.

Effort Thought To Be The Key To Success In Some Homes, UF Study Finds

Published: Jul 10th, 1996

GAINESVILLE —Poor black mothers who do not have an advanced education are not deterred from encouraging their children to succeed in mathematics, a new University of Florida study finds.

Blacks Face Agonies In Higher Education, Says UF Researcher

Published: May 14th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — American colleges and universities, long considered open and tolerant places, are bastions of hate and discrimination for many black students, says a University of Florida sociologist and co-author of a new book.

Minorities Will Soon Be Majority In The Classroom, Except For The Teacher

Published: Apr 19th, 1996

GAINESVILLE—African-American teachers may be an endangered species by the year 2000, although the majority of the students will be minorities, said a University of Florida researcher.