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UF Offers Agricultural Mediation Service For USDA Disputes

Published: Dec 26th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — Farmers who have a dispute with the U.S. Department of Agriculture may find convenient and cost-effective relief through a new mediation service offered free statewide by the University of Florida.

UF To Dedicate Human Rights And Peace Center In Uganda

Published: Dec 8th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — As the world observes Human Rights Day on Wednesday, Uganda, a country recovering from decades of bloodshed and oppression, is scheduled to host U.S. Secretary of State Madeline Albright for the dedication of a human rights and peace center founded by University of Florida law and anthropology professors.

Learning Cycles Affect Drug Use More Than Laws, Says UF Research

Published: Apr 24th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — The war on drugs wastes time and money in many ways because a boom-and-bust learning cycle shapes American drug infatuations more than get-tough policies, says a University of Florida researcher.

UF Professor’s Death Penalty Study Supports Recent ABA Decision

Published: Feb 5th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — A new study on capital punishment co-authored by a University of Florida professor shows nearly 70 inmates have been released from death row during the past 25 years because of doubts about their guilt.

Experts Agree: Death Penalty Not A Deterrent To Violent Crime

Published: Jan 15th, 1997

GAINESVILLE — Friday is the 20th anniversary of the first execution in the United States since the death penalty’s reinstatement, and a University of Florida researcher’s new study shows 90 percent of the nation’s top criminologists say killing people to deter violent crime is an immense waste of time and money.