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Ghosts And Haunted Houses Can Be A Nightmare For Home Owners

Published: Oct 30th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — You’ve just moved into your dream house. There’s just one problem: You think it may be haunted.

Tobacco Regs The First Strike In A Long Legal Battle, Says UF Expert

Published: Aug 28th, 1996

GAINESVILLE — New federal tobacco regulations are just the first strike in what figures to be a long legal and political battle, says a University of Florida law professor who thinks the Food and Drug Administration’s new rule could face trouble in federal court.

Supreme Court Ignores Discrimination In Voting Booth, UF Experts Say

Published: Jul 31st, 1996

GAINESVILLE — Are Americans color-blind when they enter the voting booth?

Official-English Laws Boost Discrimination, Says UF Law Professor

Published: Apr 23rd, 1996

GAINESVILLE — If you can read these words, chances are you don’t think a law making English the official U.S. language will change your life.

Youths Tried As Adults Reoffend More Quickly, UF Study Finds

Published: Apr 4th, 1996

GAINESVILLE—Popular “get tough” measures fail in dealing with juvenile crime, suggests a University of Florida study, which finds that youths tried as adults commit new crimes at higher rates than their counterparts who stay in juvenile courts.