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Cutting calories could limit muscle wasting in later years

Published: Sep 16th, 2008

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Chemical concoctions can smooth over wrinkles and hide those pesky grays, but what about the signs of aging that aren’t so easy to fix, such as losing muscle mass? Cutting calories early could help, say University of Florida researchers who studied the phenomenon in rats.

Safety study indicates gene therapy for blindness improves vision

Published: Sep 8th, 2008

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — All three people who received gene therapy at the University of Florida to treat a rare, incurable form of blindness have regained some of their vision, according to a paper published online today in Human Gene Therapy.

Study: Delaying evolution of drug resistance in malaria parasite possible

Published: Sep 4th, 2008

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — There’s no magic bullet for wiping out malaria, but a new study offers strong support for a method that effectively delays the evolution of drug resistance in malaria parasites, a University of Florida researcher says.

UF’s Burn Center tests virtual reality disaster training

Published: Sep 2nd, 2008

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Forget the stethoscope — the video game controller could be the newest item you find in your doctor’s black bag.