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UF Researcher: Elderly Should Ignore Stereotypes About Memory Loss

Published: Jul 23rd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Older people are much less likely to have major memory problems if they believe in themselves and work to improve their recall, a newly released University of Florida study finds.

UF Discovery Of Chicken Gene Mutation Aids Study Of Rare Inherited Eye Disease

Published: Jul 22nd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida neuroscientist has discovered and cloned a mutant gene in chickens, helping researchers better understand a rare human eye disease that causes blindness at birth.

‘Green Chemistry’ Cleans Up Environment And Renders Synthetic Drugs

Published: Jul 16th, 1998

GAINESVILLE —Chemists at the University of Florida are perfecting ways to take industrial waste and turn it into new medical compounds that have the potential to significantly reduce the cost of some prescription drugs.

New UF Colege Of Dentistry Affiliation To Help Alleviate Shortage Of Pediatric Dentists

Published: Jul 10th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — In a unique partnership, the University of Florida is using new technology to join with private dentists in an effort to erase a critical shortage of specialists trained to meet children’s dental needs.