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UF Economists: Florida Consumer Confidence Dips Slightly

Published: Jun 30th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Consumer confidence in Florida lost one point in June from the previous month, reflecting doubts about personal finances and the national economy, University of Florida economists report.

UF Entomologist Develops Safe, Effective Alternative To Deet Insect Repellents

Published: Jun 29th, 1999

GAINESVILLE—After 15 years of tests on more than 3,900 compounds, a University of Florida researcher has developed a safe, natural insect repellent that protects people against everything from mosquitoes and ticks to tiny “no-see-ums.”

UF Report: Three Florida Metro Areas’ Per Capita Income Rank In Top 20

Published: Jun 25th, 1999

GAINESVILLE —Three South Florida coastal metro areas rank in the top 20 nationally in per capita personal income, while the state’s poorest individuals tend to reside in more remote northern counties, according to the latest report on income released today by University of Florida economists.

Making Science And Engineering Interesting

Published: Jun 16th, 1999

A unique University of Florida program is aimed in part at helping to reverse a nationwide decline in the number of students earning degrees in engineering.

“Quiet Eye” Is The Key To Making The Shot, Says UF Sports Researcher

Published: Jun 15th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — When it comes to games such as pool and darts, people with the quietest eyes will play the best, a University of Florida researcher has concluded.

UF Study: Near-Extinct Crocs Make Comeback In Popular Biscayne Bay

Published: Jun 14th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — The appearance of the American crocodile in popular Biscayne Bay after 25 years marks the comeback of the reptile from near-extinction in South Florida, says a University of Florida researcher.

Seedless Watermelons On Verge Of Making It Big, Researcher Says

Published: Jun 11th, 1999

BRADENTON—Champion watermelon-seed spitters may revile University of Florida researcher Don Maynard, but consumers whose only interest in watermelon is culinary will cheer him.

UF Researchers: Man-Made Wetlands Can Help Urban Farms Treat Runoff

Published: Jun 2nd, 1999

GAINESVILLE — An environmentally friendly solution to farm runoff could help dairymen survive in an increasingly urban and regulation-filled world, say University of Florida researchers.