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UF Economists: Consumer Confidence Drops Amid Growing Pessimism

Published: Sep 29th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Florida’s consumer confidence index fell sharply in September, hitting its lowest point in 16 months and reflecting growing pessimism about everything from personal finances to short-term business conditions, University of Florida economists report.

UF Scientist: Calusa Indian Site Reveals State May Face More Hurricanes

Published: Sep 28th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — A stormy past warns that Florida may be in store for more destructive hurricanes if scientists are right about the threat of global warming, new University of Florida research suggests.

A Dollar Figure For Inconvenience

Published: Sep 21st, 1998

GAINESVILLE — You’re late to work after being stuck in traffic around a bridge repair.

Researchers Aim To Keep Termites From Gorging On Florida Homes

Published: Sep 17th, 1998

GAINESVILLE—You’ve got your security system on, burglar bars up and guard dog at the ready. Feel safe?

Scientists, Journalists Team Up In UF/NASA Communications Alliance

Published: Sep 16th, 1998

GAINESVILLE —Think a manned trip to Mars is a great idea but tracking the migration patterns of monarch butterflies is a colossal waste of time and money? Everyone’s entitled to their own view, but some opinions may be misinformed.

UF Report: Two Florida Cities’ Per Capita Income Rank In Nation’s Top 10

Published: Sep 15th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Two South Florida metro areas rank in the top 10 nationally in per capita personal income, according to the latest University of Florida report on income that indicates a gap between city and rural wealth.

UF Study: Discrimination Forces Transvestites Into Prostitution

Published: Sep 10th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Being ostracized from society forces many transsexuals and transvestites into prostitution, putting them at risk for abuse, violence and the deadly virus that leads to AIDS, a new University of Florida study finds.

Armyworms Destroying Crops, Grass Across Southeast

Published: Sep 8th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — The Southeast is suffering through the worst infestation of armyworms in recent memory, with the pests chewing their way through thousands of acres of crops, pasture and turf.

UF Economists Predict Slower Long-Term Economic Growth For Florida

Published: Sep 2nd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Slower population growth will lead to slower economic growth as Florida enters the 21st century, but the Sunshine State will still fare better than the nation, a new University of Florida study finds.