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UF Economists: Consumer Confidence Dips Amid national Economy Fears

Published: Dec 31st, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Concerns about the health of the national economy caused consumer confidence in Florida to slump in December, but conditions in the state remain strong and the outlook brighter than for the rest of the country, University of Florida economists report.

UF Researcher: Overwhelming Majority Of Child Seats Installed Wrong

Published: Dec 22nd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — More than 95 percent of children in child safety seats in the state could be killed or injured because the devices are not properly secured to the vehicle, says a University of Florida researcher.

Florida Tomatoes Worth Asking For, New UF Taste Tests Show

Published: Dec 20th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Tomato lovers who wonder how to find luscious winter tomatoes — ripe, red, firm but juicy, sweet but tangy — might well ask their grocer whether he’s selling Mexican tomatoes or tomatoes grown in Florida.

TVs, Computer Monitors Contain High Lead Levels, Study Finds

Published: Dec 3rd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida study has determined cathode ray tubes inside television sets and computer monitors contain enough lead to be considered hazardous waste, a finding that may spur officials in Florida and elsewhere to forbid or restrict the current practice of dumping televisions and monitors in landfills.

UF Researcher: Leisure Activities Defy Simple Classifications

Published: Dec 2nd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Fishing, a form of self-expression that has more in common with refined needlepoint than rugged canoeing or hunting?

UF Keeps Pace With Industry In The Science Of Growing Grass

Published: Nov 30th, 1998

GAINESVILLE—Used to be, if you wanted to manage a golf course, all you needed to know was how high to mow and when to turn on the sprinklers.

The Pumpkin Of The Tropics Likes Florida, Too, Research Shows

Published: Nov 25th, 1998

BRADENTON—The pumpkin pie of Thanksgiving future may come out of Don Maynard’s research laboratory.

Tobacco Settlement Helps UF Evaluate Florida’s Youth Smoking Habits

Published: Nov 24th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — New research from the University of Florida shows less than one-third of those who know about the state’s new Truth youth anti-smoking campaign think it will cause youth smoking to decline. The university hopes its research results will help the state combat youth smoking more effectively.

Stock Market Rally, Elections Prompt Jump In Florida Consumer Confidence

Published: Nov 24th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — A dramatic rebound on Wall Street and satisfaction with the November elections led to a pronounced turnaround in consumer confidence among Floridians this month, bucking the normal year-end pattern and raising optimism of a good holiday shopping season for retailers, University of Florida economists say.

UF Study: Retailers Get Unexpected Benefits From Lenient Return Policies

Published: Nov 20th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — To make money this holiday season, retailers should be more lenient in accepting returned merchandise from the growing number of long-distance customers who buy from catalogs or the Internet, a new University of Florida study suggests.