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New Radio Program Part Of Growing Interest In Children’s Culture

Published: Dec 23rd, 1999

GAINESVILLE — A new radio program produced at the University of Florida is rapidly gaining an audience by focusing on the growing national interest in children’s culture.

For Some With Parkinson’s, Surgery Can Improve Speech, Study Finds

Published: Dec 15th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — When Parkinson’s Disease sufferer James Stuebe underwent brain surgery last year, he was overjoyed it nearly eliminated the tremors in his right arm and hand.

UF Researcher: High Schools Reinvent Themselves With Good Results

Published: Nov 24th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — A new bell has rung in many American high schools that are scrapping old ideas about class schedules, course content and the relationship between students and teachers, a nationwide survey by a University of Florida researcher shows.

Family Support, School Climate Can Help Abused Girls Avoid Bulimia

Published: Nov 19th, 1999

GAINESVILLE The support of family members and a positive school climate help physically abused adolescent girls avoid the binge-purge cycle of bulimia, a new University of Florida survey shows.

UF Study: Some Illnesses, Life Events Make Elders Vulnerable To Depression

Published: Nov 16th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Although common among the elderly, depression is not a personal weakness or character flaw, but rather a major medical issue and public health concern, a new University of Florida study finds.

UF Study: Ankle Strength May Not Be Key To Preventing Chronic Sprains

Published: Nov 10th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Doctors, athletic trainers and physical therapists should alter their treatments for people who suffer frequent ankle sprains rather than rely on extensive strength training during rehabilitation, according to a new University of Florida study.

UF Study: Recreational Shoppers Search For Happiness, Completed Selves

Published: Sep 29th, 1999

GAINESVILLE —The lovelorn and forlorn are more likely to be shopworn people who fill their empty lives by spending money in stores and spilling their hearts out to sales clerks, a new University of Florida study finds.

In Battling Head Lice, Prevention Is Key, UF Researchers Say

Published: Sep 2nd, 1999

GAINESVILLE—This is the season for reading, writing, arithmetic – and head lice.

UF Study Shows House Arrest Is No Easy Out For Criminal Offenders

Published: Jul 26th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — Contrary to public perception, home becomes a prison and the entire family is punished when criminal offenders are sentenced to house arrest, a new University of Florida study finds.

Astronomers Capture “Stellar Sonogram” Of A Star In The Making

Published: Jul 13th, 1999

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida astronomer is part of an international team that has captured the first images of the very earliest stages of a “dark cloud” — the coldest astronomical object in the universe — becoming a new star and planetary system.