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UF Researcher: Overwhelming Majority Of Child Seats Installed Wrong

Published: Dec 22nd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — More than 95 percent of children in child safety seats in the state could be killed or injured because the devices are not properly secured to the vehicle, says a University of Florida researcher.

Parents Can Teach Kids Giving Is Better Than Getting

Published: Dec 21st, 1998

GAINESVILLE “Getting” isn’t the top priority for a lot of kids this holiday season.

Women As Likely As Men To Last-Minute Christmas Shop, Survey Shows

Published: Dec 18th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — It’s 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve and the local mall is jammed with men charging through their last-minute shopping while their wives or girlfriends sit at home gloating because they were finished weeks ago.

UF Education Professor Recommends Children’s Books For The Holidays

Published: Dec 11th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — This holiday season, you can give children the gift of knowledge, feed their imaginations and broaden their horizons.

Exercising Just Three Days May Provide Heart Attack Protection

Published: Dec 9th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — It’s mid-morning on Cape Cod and the thermometer has barely climbed above 50 degrees, but 72-year-old Joseph Sullivan is out walking. Every day he puts his headphones on and walks two or three miles around Cape Cod’s Kelley Park.

TVs, Computer Monitors Contain High Lead Levels, Study Finds

Published: Dec 3rd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — A University of Florida study has determined cathode ray tubes inside television sets and computer monitors contain enough lead to be considered hazardous waste, a finding that may spur officials in Florida and elsewhere to forbid or restrict the current practice of dumping televisions and monitors in landfills.

UF Researcher: Leisure Activities Defy Simple Classifications

Published: Dec 2nd, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Fishing, a form of self-expression that has more in common with refined needlepoint than rugged canoeing or hunting?

UF Researcher: Participating In Sports Gives Girls Strong Self-Images

Published: Nov 18th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — Participating in sports can have benefits for adolescent girls that reach beyond simply staying physically fit, a University of Florida researcher has concluded.

UF Study: Polarizing Parents And Schools Make Truancy Worse

Published: Nov 17th, 1998

GAINESVILLE — A child skips one school day after another. The teacher and principal blame the parents for not disciplining the youngster, while mom and dad fault the school for not giving the child the benefit of the doubt.

UF Joins NASA’s Virtual Astrobiology Institute To Look For Life On Mars

Published: Nov 10th, 1998

GAINESVILLE —Traditional science fiction has aliens who speak some form of English or resemble humans. The problem is, chances are slim that non-terrestrial life will have such earthling-like traits.